Craig Lake State Park in the UP

Has anyone been there recently? I have read a ton of sites talking about it and some mention that you need a 4x4 with high ground clearance to get down the entrance, and a couple say that it has been grated.

I am hoping to get up there for a few days this summer with the wife and kid, but will be in a Vibe. I would hate to drive 9 hours and then not be able to get into the park.

I was there 2 summers ago
At that time the entry road was rough but passible with a standard 2wd auto. Back then I am sure a Vibe could have made it. Can’t speak for now!

for the info. That makes me feel better. I will also give the ranger station a call to make sure though.

sounds a bit like Negwegon
Getting there isn’t the easy part but once you are there the road is graded.

This is a park not to go to if you are worried about scratches on your roof or vehicle.

The first time I went, with friends from “down below” I think we had to lift the Chevette over a pot hole somehow. It was fun though.

Craig Lake sounds like a place for my “someday” list.

craig lake
it’s ok

it may be better to ask this after snow out and someone has actually been in there this year as with the melt things can change

but usually a car can make it in to the parking area then you walk to the lake