Craigslist Impex Currituck with broken skeg

This is hypothetical since I don’t have any intention of buying this, as I think it’s going to be too big, but I’m curious as to how difficult or costly it would be to fix an issue like this skeg. Also to me this one looks like it’s otherwise in good shape, but perhaps I’m missing something, especially as it’s been for sake for quite a while at what seems a very attractive price. Thanks for educating me for future purchases.!

I have owned an Impex Assateague for a number of years. I posted a thread last fall with some major repairs to the skeg box and coaming due to damage, but nothing was difficult. It looks like this one may be in better shape, and the price is very good if the hull is sound. If you can’t find that thread, ask and I’ll link it when I’m not on my phone.

Thanks. I’m surprised it hasn’t sold by now, but then again maybe the seller just hasn’t bothered to remove the ad. I’m actually tempted but I keep telling myself it’s gonna be too big.

All we can see ifs that the skeg is out -presumably it is just a cable issue and they removed the skeg when trying to fix it (or if the cable came loose and they couldn’t fix it). if that assumption is right, shouldn’t be hard to fix.


Doggy you need it looks nice.

Agreed looks nice but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be big. Too big.

Do check the skeg box where the cable goes through. Thats where mine needed surgery.

@Doggy Paddler said:
Agreed looks nice but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be big. Too big.

I’ll buy padding.


I want try friends Assatague SP?

My recall is that you could actually fit into an Impex Mystic. But the Slipstream PaddleDog2 mentions above is OK for your size. It is not a greenland design, some DerekHutchinson in it, but a fine little boat. And new enough that it had a day hatch. A CD rep told me when I tried one at a demo day that it was a bit less kind in terms of stability than some of their other hulls. And maybe it is if you are a beginner who will be freaked out if it is not a bargelike rec boat. I was failing to see the problem.
This boat looks to be in much better shape than my personal used ones are - I would strongly suggest you take the drive. If it is still around a month later I bet you could get it with a lower offer than posted.

I’m going to contact the seller and see.

The Slipstream is sold.

To bad

Well, we’ve got two perfectly good boats for now, and can afford to be patient and shop around for a better fit.

When you have a good boat patiençe is much easier

True dat. But my spouse is jealous of my Avocet RM and is pressuring me. :wink: