Craigslist LLBean Old Town - ?

I emailed the guy for more details - Ive been looking for an OT Loon 111 - this looks like one to me? But then I’ve only seen/been in one once.

Anyone know if LLBean sold Loon 111’s under their brand name?

Thanks for any eagle eyes out there who can give me a WAG.

I can’t say for sure…
but it definately does look like an Old Town Loon to me. Are you sure it isn’t the 10 ft version?

why don’t you demo it…
& if it fits, looks like a pretty good deal to me.

If you end up not liking it, I think you could get your money right back.

All is speculation
Why dont you call Bean and ask for Product Support?

There is a whole team of product specialists in the corner buried under 97 years of catalogs.

Definitely a Loon
That is definitely a Loon, it even has the loon decal on the bow, and Bean did sell them with LL Bean branding. The question that remains is if it is the 100 or 111 model, but a quick check with a tape measure should sort that out.

I did check LLBeans website but they have switched to all the new models, Voyager, Dirigio and I didn’t think they would know about something the carried rebranded a couple of years ago.

Oy - I didn’t know the Loon came in 100 and 111. I thought the 100 was an otter or something and the Loon was the 111.

The person emailed me and said no idea but thought it was 10’6

I just looked up the Loon 100 and (1) it is single layer poly not polylink which (2) makes it heavier

If the “old” or LLBean 100’s were polylink it might be a different story but I really want polylink and the largest cockpit I can find which means a Loon 111.

Thanks for the info

My guess
is that it’s a Loon 100 in polylink 3.

The inside is a different color than the outside, a sign of polylink 3.

And from what I have been able to google, the rear deck rigging looks like a loon 100.

For $350, not a bad deal unless it’s really beat up.

Looks like…
it may be polylink. We have an old Loon 120, which is polylink, and the inside is a whitish color. If this boat were single layer polyethylene, it would look yellow inside and out.

There were quite a few lengths in the Loon series, ranging from 86 (a kid’s boat) up through 138, if I recall correctly. Not including the tandems, of course.



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Heres a separate but related question.
They said it was 10'6

So, how do companies measure boats? Does that sort of imply that companies measure the bottom and the owner measured the top, tip to tip? That would spell 100 to me.

I don't think the 100s were made in polylink but I can ask to check the inside color - the 100 still has a smaller cockpit than the 111, which is important to me.
Loon 100 - 19 x 40
Loon 111 - 17 x 55