cranberry creek or alumacraft canoe

I’m looking at buying my first canoe and would like any opinion of my idea. I am looking at the marshlander by C.creek or the co-17 camper by alumacraft. both are set up for motor. My idea is to build a mounting spot at the top of the squared off rear and mount a Minn Kota Power dive trolling motor to it.(and run boat backwards) I would then have my hands free and run the motor by the foot pedal (or co-pilot). Has anyone tryed such an idea? any opinion on either canoe. Should I just buy a small jon boat? THANKS!

Hand operated motor works better
That’s my opinion. The angle at which you would be operating the foot control is awkward in a canoe. Foot controls work best standing or perched in the stool type seat in a bass boat. You’d have to figure out a way to angle the foot control so that it would be comfortable. Un attached, the foot control would probably scoot around a bit. Beside, what about all that cable stretched out on the floor of the canoe?

Jon boat or canoe? I’ve had both. Each serves it purpose. The jon boat is a bit more stable to fish from, but not necessarily, to my way of thinking, any better in rough water.

Been there, done that
I have a Golden Hawk, which is a canoe with the same hull. Also, Riverridge Custom Canoes uses the same basic hull. I have a MinnKota trolling motor on mine, and mount the battery up front for balance. It works well. The Riverridge is better in the regard that the bass boat seats which they mount do not flex the wooden bench backwards when you lean back in the front seat. The fiberglass brackets to which the wooden planks mount, onto which I have installed bass boat seats, flex backward by the rotational forces exerted by your back when you lean backwards. I do not know how the Cranberry seats are afixed to the hull, so I cannot say that this would be an issue for it. One other problem I haven’t worked out is the motor tiller: I find that I have to sit obliquely in the rear seat to operate the tiller as it is directly behind me. Some sort of offset tiller extension might solve this. In all, it is a nice river set-up when the river has proper depth.

Bonasus-yes your canoe is almost the same. here is what I am thinking of doing. At the back of the canoe build a flat platform.(within the squared off top) mount a Minn Kota PowerDrive. (with quick release bracket)This way I would have a foot or remote operated (co-pilot) trolling motor. Simply run the boat from the bow seat and go. My main concern is would the wt. being on the now “front” of the canoe be a liability. Or am I going down a road of possibility. My idea comes from running a big boat but I’m sick of all the presured water and want to venture to smaller areas. thanks for your response.