Cranberry Glade Lake, West ern, Pa.

I never fished this lake but am headed there this weekend with a coworker. Has anybody fished this lake that can give me some imput as to what areas to fish and how to fish this little body of water.

It’s on the Pa Fish Commission list of hot big bass lakes in Pa.

Any comments are welcome.

Thanks in advance!

Fished it once but
The wind was so high It was pretty much a lost cause. Wesd who occasionally posts on the other boards and N.T. who is a more frequent poster have both fished it. You might check with N.T. first. I’d shoot him an email.

So it’s on some kind of list of hot bass lakes?. I didn’t know that. Might have to go again.

where to fish
hello bassman been a while…on that lake there are several general places to fish for the bucket mouths. from the put in across the lake to the right in the stumps(pretty much in the lower water)all around there. there are also alot of lilly pads on the left side fartherest away from the breast, lilly pads also on the far side of put in straight across and to the left by the woods. have used shiners with mixed results and some worms of various colors with mixed results also. some pretty good pike and tiger muskie there also.

hope this hgelps some

Hey Bassman!
Never fished that lake but have heard mixed reviews. Seems it is targeted more for the toothy fishes than bass. Beware the fish commissions listings for “Trophy” bass waters. Several locally, Glade Run, and Hereford Manor are listed as such and though I’ve landed one or two in the 18" range they are the exception, not the rule. Of course, 18" or better is typically the exception in most PA waters.

Not much fishing for me this year so far, too much of that “making a living thing” going on. Still want to meet up with you on Yellow Creek Lake or elsewhere. Drop me an email with your plans thru the spring. I have a new Lab pup who is destined to be a canoe dog.



yellow creek
quite an article this past weekend in the trib about yellow creek. have fished it awhile ago only getting alot of small perch. planning on going soon for the toothy one’s. any spots you’d care to share?

tight lines

Well i gave it a try!
Last saturday i made the trip to Cranberry lake. Very easy to find from mapquest directions.

Nice little lake in one of the most nicest settings in the Laurel Mountains.

Bad part was a cold front came thru that morning and the mountain valley was more or less a virtual wind tunnel. The surrounding trees where bent about half over and the wind never let up. I gave it my best for about an hour and a half and finally gave up. Caught one fish and dam near flipped the kayak several times due to the high winds. I plan on giving it a another try later this month.