Cranberry Lake, ADK

My wife and I took advantage of the nice weather this past weekend and did a overnight camping trip at Cranberry Lake. We put in at Wanakena and paddled over to Black Duck Hole. The weather was perfect, there was very little boat traffic. Surprisely, the trees are just beginning to show fall colors - no migrating geese either. Usually by the 3rd weekend in September the colors are further along and we see flocks of geese moving about.

are the loons still there?

we saw several loons
on Long Pond in St Regis Canoe Wilderness last week. with the babies. Few more weeks or so until they fledge then head for the coast.

long pond
Hey, Sandy & I were out on Long Pond Fri - Sunday, bet our paths crossed somewhere along the way. Loon family swam back and forth across our campsite for hours each day. We did a circuit on Saturday going out Slang to Turtle to Hoel, Polliwog, Follensby, up Fish Creek into Floodwood and back into Long and saw loons on Follensby and Polliwog but nowhere else. Hiked up into Clamshell pond, too. That trail hasn’t been improved one bit since last year! Still passable though. Did you come into Long through the carry from the outfitter? The boardwalk was out when we went through making it necessary to put the canoe in the water for a very short distance, too muddy to wade in. Great weather last weekend, but the leaves really were behind normal schedule for this time of year.


I was on Follensby Clear and Upper Saranac Fri-Sun and saw the loons there. There was also a juvenile bald eagle up on the north shore of Follensby just before it narrows… around the corner from the Horseshoe Pond carry. The eagle wasn’t white-headed yet and a woman who lives in the area said that it’s a 2 year old.

We did a little of everything
Wasn’t a camping trip. Stayed in LP and spent one day Fish Creek Ponds-Follensby Clear (saw eagle too, chasing a hawk away)- Polliwog-Little Polliwog-Horseshoe-Follensby Clear-Fish Creek-Floodwood and back. Next day Raquette River from Axton Landing to the falls and back. Next day Hoel (we floated our boats through the pipe rather than carry over the RR tracks)-Turtle-Slang-Long and back. It was absolutely perfect weather. One of the highlights was breakfast every morning at Saranac Sourdough in L.P.

The armada
consisted of a yellow/white Lincoln, yellow/white QCC 500 and sage green/white QCC 400.

missed you
Hey Mike. I bet we were out paddling in Upper Saranac when you were in Follensby. We were camped on the largest island on Follensby Clear and had a white Hemlock Peregrine and a blue Zoar Sport. It was a great weekend for paddling up there.