Cranberry Lake, NY: 2012 Paddling Season

-- Last Updated: Apr-02-12 6:52 PM EST --

Put in today at Cranberry Lake Village swimming beach and paddled straight down the middle of the lake to Joe Indian Island.

Paddled around Joe Indian and returned with rest stops at shoreline Camp Site #1 (this site is now closed to camping due to overuse) and the NY State Campground swimming beach.

Day started with snow; later with sunshine shining through the snow (very pretty); lots of clouds and little wind for a nice change.

Saw no sign of ice. And saw no other people or boats on the water; however, Camp Site 22 on Joe Indian Island was occupied.

It was a great beginning to my Cranberry paddling season and the earliest start ever.


Can’t wait to get back up to the ADK’s. Hopefully weather permitting buddy and I going to paddle around Axton Landing area and explore to the lower falls and then over to stony creek in 2 weeks. whoo hoo! Spring is here! Still going to bring cold weather paddling gear and probably 0 bag for campout.

The trip you plan
on doing is a nice paddle.

And it’s hard to predict up here as regards the weather this time of year - it’s 23 degrees Fahrehheit in Saranac Lake tonight.

Hope you have a great trip.


possible rain
Weather might just make this an up and back trip. Friend is picking up a Rapidfire at Placid Boats. I believe I might be reading some of your posts on ADkForumn also, yes?

Weather can be quite unsettled
up here this time of year. Hope you got some paddling in on your trip.

Yesterday, on the return leg of my day paddle, had 6 miles of paddling directly into the Cranberry Lake wind express.

And yes, I post on the ADK Forum.

See you on the water!


Trip is on!
Mike, we are going up Wed. will pick up boat and have skirt added to mine. Will camp out at Axton Wed night and paddle to the falls, do the carry, paddle to cold River and go back to Axton where we will camp out Thurs night. Fri morn we will paddle Stony Creek then back to Axton and return home where I get permission from my wife to do back again soon! If your around stop by or join on Friday…David

Retiring June 27th
Until then, you know where I’m going to be most week days - just a few more weeks till we quit it!

Glad to hear your trip is moving forward. A drysuit certainly simplifies the wardrobe.

We will definitely have to get some quality Rapifire time on Cranberry together.


early congrats!
Mike, I’m paddling with Ray (waterspyder) and he was supposed to retire this year but now it looks like he’s gonna squeeze out another year to get more paddling money. He has signed up for many NFCT work details, i’m sure one day you’ll bump into each other, hopefully on dry land! be well!

great trip
Mike, trip was a lot of fun. Waterspyder picked up new Rapidfire on Wed. We spent some time at paddle store (forgot the name, I believe it’s Dave Ciley’s place) and set up camp Wed night with light rain on and off. Weather was like that on Thurs when we paddled to lower Raquette falls and back. sun, rain, clouds, hail, wind, etc…every 10 min. We joked about that but it was true. Then on Friday morning after we defrosed our frozen gear we paddled Stoney Creek to the Indian Carry. I love that meandering section, so different in the summer when the grass is so high you can’t see around each bend. Will try to post some pics soon. Maybe catch you on the water during the summer, be well…David

5th Edition of Adirondack Paddler’s Map
The 5th edition of Adirondack Paddler’s map is available.

Shorline campsites #27, #28, #44, #45 and #46 are not shown on the map. These campsites were also omitted from all previuos editions of the Paddler’s map.

Also not shown on the 5th edition of the Paddler’s map is shoreline campsite #1, located at Union Point. In March 2012, when I stopped to rest at campsite #1, I did notice that the site had been closed due to overuse.

A free DEC publication that shows the location of all the Cranberry Lake shoreline campsites, “Trails in the Cranberry Lake Region, offical map and guide”, is available at DEC Regional Offices:

Of interest to those who fish Cranberry Lake is the new DEC publication: “Guide to Freshwater Fishing in New York State”. This publication is also available free at DEC regional offices.