crankshaft paddle and bracing

Hi, new poster but longtime reader here (great website).

I’m considering getting a crankshaft paddle this spring but was wondering how much it will change bracing,sculling and rolling. Can anyone fill me in on their experiences?

bracing and rolling skills
if your bracing and rolling skills are good, you should have zero problem using a ‘crank’ shaft. that’s my experience at any rate.

With Time…
body mechanics and technique will adapt, unless something is really biomechanically off. Then you’ll end with an injury. :slight_smile:


Bent shaft paddles…
are not for everyone. I use one and like it a lot. Friends who have tried to make the switch have had mixed results with some taking to a bent right away and others never feeling comfortable. If you could borrow one for a long day that would be a good idea.

In the FWIW department, most of us using bents in my area have given up on feathering.



Bents & feathering
Interesting comment. I use an AT, which has a very gentle bend, and I have on occasion tried it unfeathered. The bends seemed totally out of place when I did so.


Bent Shaft
I use a werner bent shaft and it works fine for bracing and rolling. Periodically I take my spare straight shaft paddle and practice with it, and I don’t notice any difference in the bracing or rolling…I find both comfortable, and I use both at 60deg feather.

isn’t that AT a dream - - -
ever since i started using one a few years ago, i can’t paddle with anything else.

Using 75 degree feather in an old
crankshaft designed for slalom, I don’t notice any problem with bracing, compound strokes, etc.

All Agreed
The bentshaft works. Don’t we wish everything did.