Crankshaft Paddle & Wrist Problems

Crankshaft Paddle & Wrist Problems

The paddle I just bought from Werner is a crankshaft design (I think that is what it is called). The paddle from end to end is straight. It has curves in the handle so that the wrists are in a neutral position side to side.

If I put my hand straight like you would to hold a straight shaft I have to turn my hands in almost to the limit of movement and I can feel the wrist strain.

The paddle above keeps the wrists in a neutral position (the middle of the range of motion) and reduces wrist strain.

I don’t quite get your question
is the crank straining your hands,


are you holding it in the straight areas and that is straining your hands?

the correct grip is in the bends. IF you are holding it any where else its not gonna work for you…

i see an awful lot of different paddles

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as a BCU coach, i see alot of different paddles and paddlers. i also see wrist problems regardless of whether the paddle is a crank or straight shaft. generally, the problem is one of paddling technique --- too much wrist when paddling rather than proper body rotation and arm mechanics account for the majority of wrist, elbow and shoulder problems when paddling. while cranks may help certain wrist problems, i don't think they're the answer to most. additionally, heavy paddles with a big blade area don't help.

No problems
I am not having any problems. I am a novice. If I do put my hands on a straight shaft I can feel the wrist strain without moving. My wrists are at the extreme range of motion. With the crankshaft, my wrists feel much more comfortable in a neutral position.

Neo , you are getting a lot of pricey
gear in a hurry. Has your outfitter got a really good slesperson?

Neo , you are getting a lot of pricey
gear in a hurry. Has your outfitter got a really good salesperson?

I fully agree…
On the long run, gear is never the answer.



I have to disagree
Gear by itself is never THE answer, it can never compensate for bad technique, but good gear with the proper technique makes a big difference. The two go together to enhance the experience, no matter what the sport or activity. Please note that I said good gear, not necessarilly the most expensive.

I appreciate the advice and am trying to do this, with all of your help, the best I can. I have done many sports and bought many things and I find you get what you pay for, generally. Much of this is focused on my severe back problem and how out of shape I have become due to it. I also like gagets. :~)

The yak was only $600. I did not get a car carrier but foam and straps. The paddle is very important to me for the weight and design. Electronics has been a hobby of mine since a small kid.

What you say, Ice???..
We all stared at your boat in amazement. Everything on it was changed, added to, reworked or upgraded.

More gear is good… ;–)

It is true what you said, grayhawk

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However, my point was that gear can't fix proper technique, strength, endurance, etc...

If I need to buy gear, I would rather buy the best or not to buy at all. However, sometimes, I see beginners that try to fix with new and expensive gear what should be fixed with sitting time on the boat.


You are absolutely correct. I am finally at the point of trying to figure out what’s wrong with me instead of what’s wrong with the gear…

Top 'o the line gear,…
… like that 'bou and $400 paddle of yours, do sort of leave little doubt where any further improvement must come from!

I’m in the same fix with my equipment. Can’t blame the gear - It’s all me at this point (and that leaves a lot of work to do)!

LOL So True…

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or just maybe I have a faulty GPS, ya think?

Isn’t it great?
After having a good boat and a carbon paddle, all is about us, and not how big our wallets are.

There are other sports, where the bigger the wallet, the faster the time.

I love the this sport!!!



Money DOES make you faster
The $2.69 I spent on rubber flip-flops to cut up for heel pads in the Mako made a big difference in my comfort and speed! :wink:

You and me both!
Slow GPS, and those darned currents!!!

I tried timing the tides a bit different on the loop around the airport this weekend, hoping to get a better push heading inland - and ended up paddling against the current the first 2.5 and last 8.5 miles. That’s 11 out of 17 against! Not a lot of current, and only ended up costing me about 15 minutes off last time - and 25 of my best so far (some of it’s always against), but made it more tiring and had to back off a bit the last few miles and “paddle normal” and enjoy the scenery more. The 6 miles going with the current were good though, nearly 6 mph average - hit over 9 mph briefly going under the one way bridge on the Dania Cutoff.

Trip was good for 4500 calories according to HRM. Average HR mid 160s’. Heat really has an impact on that - as last trip I felt I pushed harder but stayed closer to 155. Tried to time it so the mid-afternoon cloud shield from the inland T-storms would give me some sun cover - and that part of the plan worked great. Good thing - as my 3 liters of Gatorade barely lasted.

Water temp was freaking HOT most all the way!!! About as refreshing as a bowl of soup!

BTW, back to the topic…

I’ve been using my bent shaft and have never felt better… That said…

I have a interesting 6 mile loop I do hard about four times a week and the GPS seems to screams at me if I let up… My loop is a little of everything from the ocean to the mangroves… You can really see the boat slow down in the shallower water.

Tis getting warm and I’m doing it in the morn. if I get out before 8am I can avoid the dive boats in the channel.

Another coach…
… and equally merciless task master: The Heart Rate Monitor.

How long’s that loop takin’ you? (trust me - I understand the slowing effects of shallows, tides, wakes, and heat!).

I’d like to try that new paddle of yours someday. Don’t need one (somebody has to have a more expensive paddle than I!), I just have a feeling I’d like it more than other bents I’ve tried - assuming I can even swing a euro anymore!