Crease on newly bought kayak

Hello, I just paid off a leftover Dagger Crossover. I noticed while storing in the hallway leaning up against the wall in the shadows and light, a slight crease on the bottom of the hull perpendicular to the length. Another one smaller as well in a different spot. It may be from where the kayak sat on its bottom against the supports in this particular shop. Also it sat indirectly outside under a roof but exposed to the light I guess, and feels to me maybe a little thin on the bottom, could be just my paranoia generated by the discovery of the creases. I’m wondering if I should be concerned about this - I might be able to trade it back in for a new kayak but different model if they are willing. The crease is probably not more than 1/4 of an inch to a 1/2 of an inch difference from the rest of the hull. It was hard to find this particular kayak unused, so I don’t know if I should get over it and just use it or sit it in the sun bottom up? I’m concerned, maybe overly so, about problems that may worsen from this down the road, but it does seem fairly minor. Any ideas about what I should do or what you might do in a similar situation?

Thanks for any input -