I know this is a cross between a yak and a piroguo

but what do ya’ll think,i am looking at the base m96 model and will use a kayak paddel for fishing.

It depends on how handy you are to do the outfitting. If you’re pretty handy with the outfitting, or pretty bold and willing to give it a go anyway, then that hurdle is taken care of.

It also depends on how much money you have to risk. Seems like a fairly low price (i.e., low risk) when it comes to boats.

It also depends on the kind of water you’ll be running. It looks like it’s got a good bit of freeboard and could handle some big swells on the river, but you’ll want a bilge pump because if you take on water, there’ll be nowhere for it to go.

I don’t know. Seems like a reasonable risk to me, but it is a little bit of a risk in that you don’t know exactly what you’re getting. Bear in mind that I like to try new and different things and tinker around with them to my satisfaction. If you’ve got the same kind of attitude, then it looks like it could be fun. If you’ve got a risk adverse attitude, or you haven’t got the money to put into a boat that may not suit your needs, then I’d recommend looking elsewhere because for the same price you could get a used canoe.

As far as “more stable than a canoe”, that’s a little misleading. Put a canoe right side out on some calm water and it’s going to stay there right side up all day long. Stability in canoes is just fine, thanks. Furthermore, if it floats, it can flip. As far as “more capacity than a kayak”, well more capacity than SOME kayaks. I’ve got a 12 foot SOT that has a 450lb capacity advertised, but for short trips during a rescue I’ve loaded it well beyond that without mishap.

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I agree, D…
some other things to think about…44 pounds before you add a seat or anything seems like it would be a little heavy. Who knows how efficient it will be to paddle with a kayak paddle? But mainly…what kind of advantages do you see it having over a solo canoe or a kayak, for that matter? If you’re going to use it on flatwater with a trolling motor, I think it would be great. If you’re going to use it with paddling the only means of propulsion, you’d be better off with a canoe. If you’re going to use it on moving water where you’ll encounter shallow riffles, a trolling motor is usually more trouble than it’s worth.

Don’t know where you are, but
you might be better off spending a bit more money and getting a Malibu Mini-X if you want a short, stable boat for creeks that aren’t fast water. Of course, its an SOT, so up North, it may not be the most comfortable in colder weather. As for the Creek Boat, it appears to work best with the trolling motor.