Creeker vs River Runner

What is the difference between a whitewater kayak designated as a Creeker?

and a kayak as a River Runner?



Go to some sites like jacksonkayak
or pyranha and compare the appearance and specs of boats they class as river runners or creekers. There are boats like the Pyranha Burn or the LL Hoss that straddle the border. There are companies like DragoRossi that do not offer a just-plain-river-runner, but rather offer shades of performance for different circumstances. One thing you should not see on a pure creeker is sharp edges; another is low volume; a third is small, sharp ends that pin.

The NRS Website has a good article on the differences between WW boats. Try this:

Have fun!

Current terminology
There are creek boats (sometimes called full-on creek boats), river running creek boats, river running playboats, and playboats (rodeo boats). Creek boats are designed for high volume, steep gradients with drops, big holes, etc. They have features that are not suitable for someone starting out and that are not needed for simple river running. For example, they tend to be “tippier” and require more finesse to control. As g2d pointed out, the one manufacturer whose boats don’t seem to fit those categories well is Dragorossi. Their creeker called the Mafia is probably an acceptable design for river running for someone who is talented. Their river runner called the Pintail has more play capacity than most river runners. One of EJ’s videos explains the differences between river running creek boats and river running playboats. I think it is the River Running: basics video.

EJ is . . . ?

EJ = Eric Jackson
He’s the current reigning World Freestyle champion and owner of Jackson Kayaks (