Critters while paddling photos

This post is for any critter but bird photos. Birds will be another post.
Silver Springs, FL

The ape is me, Silver Springs

Deer swimming Tyger River, SC yatipope in a wenonah vagabond

Juniper Springs, FL

American Crocadile Everglades NP, FL

stingray Folly River, SC

Yatipope and horseshoe crab Fort Sumter Charleston, SC

Cedar Creek, Congree

Cedar Creek, Congaree NP, SC
Brown water snake



Cape Island, SC dead loggerhead turtle

red wasp Enoree river, SC

Hornet nest Juniper Springs, FL

Okefenokee NP, GA

Wekiva Springs, FL gopher tortoise

Islesboro, ME harbor seal

Little Saluda River, SC beaver raising its tail to slap the water

Enoree River, SC baby softshell turtle

Cape Island, SC lightning whelk

Thanks for posting! Great series of photos of diverse wild life. I would love other s to post photos of what they see.

40 foot Humpback came by to say “Hi” in Queens Sound
My head
Dave Resler’s photo


Wood Stork, Indian River Lagoon

Humpback in Prince William Sound

. Little white bitch on an iceberg.

canoedoc good shot of an Ironhead (woodstork) , but I plan on doing another thread on bird photos as stated above. However thanks for posting . I grew up in FL and Ironhead is a colloquial for woodstork.

That is a great shot of a young sea lion(?) or is it shark bait Chuck?

Chodups, that is so coooool. one problem I have is getting the camera out and ready and I have missed many a great shot. We need a bit of luck from time to time