Cross bars - round or square?

Think’ about upgrading my roof rack.

Always used round bars but I’m considering square this time.

My boatmobile is an old Wagoneer with rain gutters. I really like using foam saddles on the bars as this gives my boats a lower profile in the wind. Plus, I can easily pull the foam pads and straps when not in use.

Do straps secure to the square bars better than round?

I’d be interested in comments from users as to what they use and why.

Thanks to all.


I’ve had two custom racks and three
Yakimas. I can’t think why square bars would be better, or worse, than round, but elliptical or teardrop shaped would be best. More aerodynamic, and usually quieter. Yakima is just beginning to offer ovalled bars for certain vehicles. There’s a third company with roughly elliptical crossbars, but I don’t know much about them. If you can work out your own attachment system, make some elliptical or oval bars, or buy some at an aluminum supply place.

Triple channel oval - Saris
Incredibly strong - like three or four of the other’s bars. Plus self centering, integrated locks. Super fast on and off of accesoroies - or the whole rack. Just a few twists of on the end and it’s off.

Only one watersport saddle option from Saris- but you can realy mount just about anything to them with simple carriage bolts (head in slot in channel).

Doesn’t matter (eom)

Yes saris has a super high
drool factor!