Cross Canada Canoe Expedition Updates

I’ve added a new update on my website for my expedition across Canada by solo canoe. I’ll be adding several new updates over the next couple of days as well. ALOT has happened lately!

You can read up on the expedition thus far at

Plety more will be added soon as well.

Cheers…Joe O’

Great stuff, Sea-1 vs. Sea Wind?
I have enjoyed reading your trip journal, especially the part about the ‘portage from hell’!

I was wondering how you are liking the Sea-1 on your trip. And did you consider a Kruger Sea Wind instead? I would be very interested in any comparisons, pros & cons opinions that you might have.

Good luck!

Sea 1 / Kruger
I’ve been very, very happy with the Clipper Sea 1 canoe, it has handled everything with relative ease thus far. The Kruger’s are harder to find and cost considerably more money so I never considered one as an option although I do believe that they too making very good tripping canoes and I’m sure it would have been very suitable for my trip as well. The big test comes next month when I take on Lake Superior, can hardly wait for that!

Also, I should point out that Clipper Canoes is one of my sponsors on this trip and they generously have provided me with the Sea 1 kevlar canoe. It is a great boat!

Cheers…Joe O’