cross over kayak for tall folks

Hi folks.

I am looking for help and directions with purchasing a kayak.

I am looking for a cross-over kayak, a jack of all trades with intent of using it for leisure lake paddle, doing nature photography from it, sometimes putting it on rivers with small rapids.

I came across used ad locally for Dagger Axis 10.5 which seems to check the above, and on top of it gets great reviews, the caveat is I am a slim built long legged 6.5 tall at about 200lb, foot size 12. Will I fit? Will I be able to get into it? For tall people looking for leisure and a bit of a work out and not high end specialized kayaks, what does one has to look for in a kayak in order to be comfortable? I can see the dimensions of the boat, weight limits, but almost nowehere do I see size limits, and these things seem pretty tight.

Do I look at the size of the opening, width of the boat, height of the boat, anything else?

Thank you.


Personal take

– Last Updated: Jul-19-16 9:20 PM EST –

I am 6'5", 220 lbs, size 15 foot. My personal experience is that any of the 10 ft crossovers (Katana, Ethos, Remix, Fusion etc) will fit you. I care very much that I am able to get my legs out of the cockpit while still seated inside - that helps greatly for scouting and portages.