cross reference - Seals deck sizes to the standard S, M, L, XL

Going through the boats we have at one place I work and coming u with a cheat sheet on the basics of each boat (what paddler it would be good for, etc.). One thing I want to do is list skirt sizes. Seals has a great reference list to match their skirt sizing to each boat, but we also use NRS and other skirts which are based on the S, M, L, XL deck sizes (I think we mostly have M and L). Anyone have a cross reference for Seals to standard sizing? Is a Seals 1.4 an L? 1.7 an XL? Thanks.

Have you seen this:
Not exactly what you are looking for but may do some of the leg work in terms of measurement.
I can compare Seals and Snap Dragon sizing for one particular well known boat. The Valley Nordkapp, a 2010 model year, takes a Seals 1.4 and a Snap Dragon M based on each company’s size chart. However, a L Snap Dragon also fits, just a tad bit looser.

I wish skirt sizes would standardize and be more like men’s clothing sizes (delineated in inches) rather than women’s (which are completely arbitrary and meaningless depending on how much the manufacturer wants to flatter their buyers). Why can’t they just all list a range of coaming diameters for each size or (better yet) cockpit length and width? I had a Seals 1.7 that was supposed (per their charts) to fit two of my kayak models, but I could not fit it onto either one, even with help. Though the overall diameter was correct (170 cm), both cockpits were wider at mid-beam than the skirt (which had a non-stretch deck) so the sides would pop off even with the bungee tightened.

I thought what Seals did with the fit sizes and listing of pretty much all boats was a smart move on their part, but it seems that even that has a few issues.

BTW - I decided to go with Seals 1.2 = M, 1.4 = L, 1.7 = XL.