Crossfire Dagger kayak material

I just bought a 10 year old crossfire dagger kayak and would like to repaint. However, I’m not sure what its made of. Any ideas?

Also looking for info on how to repaint a kayak if anyone has any?


Rotomolded kayaks were not painted. The pigment was incorporated in the polyethylene plastic.

I had a Dagger Crossfire. I am pretty sure it was made of crosslink poly, although some Dagger kayaks of that vintage were made of high density linear poly.

You could paint the boat, but it will add weight, and you won’t be repainting it because it wasn’t painted to begin with. The paint will rather easily scratch off as well.

If you want to paint the boat, Krylon Fusion spray paints seem to adhere to plastic a bit better than other types.

If the surface of the plastic is “fuzzed up” you might try going over the surface with some steel wool, clean it well with detergent soap and water, and use a marine polish. It might look better than if you painted it.

Is it worth it?
Thank you! Although not quite what I wanted to hear. Do you think its worth the effort? How long do you think the paint would stay on? Will it hold up ok in water?

not worth it.
Old plastic boats are made to be paddled, not admired. If you can flex the boat with your hand, and it doesn’t crack, then go paddle it. You’ll make an old ugly boat happy again!

I painted some flashes on a Perception
kayak, in order to cover up the “Proline” logo. Proline. Dumb.

I sanded and cleaned the surface and used several light coats of Krylon spray paint. It stayed on quite well.

Now, one wouldn’t paint the bottom of the boat.