Crossover Kayaks

I am looking for some insight on buying my first crossover kayak, and wanting to hear some opinions, and direction from some people who are not trying to sell me something. Any info/experience you can give is greatly appreciated!

I will mostly be floating class I-III water, but with the occasional class IV. The locations will be around southern Missouri, and northern & central Arkansas. (Buffalo, Kings, Big Piney, Cossatot, Mulberry, Ouachita to name a few if you are familiar with the area.)

I am not looking for a boat for multi-day trips. For the most part it will just be day runs, so I’m not worried about packing a lot of gear, however I am a big guy (250lbs 5’11") so I know I’ll need something that can handle my size.

I’ve been looking at the Dagger Katana 10.4 and the Liquid Logic Remix XP10. I have sat in, and paddled the Katana around a very small pond, and liked it. I have not had a chance to sit in a Remix XP10. They seem like similar boats, but from what I can find it seems as some are saying the Katana will be quicker and track better in the calmer water than the Remix XP10. Is this true? When I get out on the water, at times I will be going with people who are in more recreational style boats, and I don’t want to have to wear myself out in the first couple miles to keep up with them if I don’t have to. I understand I will have to work a little harder then others, but would like to keep the excess work to a minimum.

I do like that the Remix XP10 has a little bit larger cockpit, and it is a little cheaper than the Katana. I’ve looked at the Pyranha Fusion and the WaveSport Ethos 10 as well, and both of these boats have too small of a cockpit for my size.

Any thoughts/insights on these or any other similar kayaks is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

hull speed
Kayaks are displacement boats, the maximum speed is governed mostly by waterline length. A 10’ boat will never have the speed of a 14’ rec boat, not gonna happen no matter how hard you paddle.

If you’re friends are all paddling rec boats, why aren’t you looking for one of them to join them?

Bill H.

Two boats
a long boat for flatwater to the class I, and a short boat for the bigger stuff. I think tdaniel has a crossover, so maybe he will weigh in. I’m just not a believer in the “one boat does it all” approach.

Do you not have a ww boat?
The best idea in terms of value would be to add a beater used transition boat to your fleet. Most folks who successfully paddle the occasional class IV already have their ww boat.

Where are you at in that spectrum?

I will only be going with friends with rec boats sometimes. Their kayaks are mostly 10’ sit on tops, like the Wilderness Tarpon 100.

I know that 2 boats is the best option, but due to space and funds I would really like to go with a crossover. I do not currently own a kayak, and want to try to get the best mix I can.

I think you’ll be fine with either boat,

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katana or xp10. I own the xp10, whitewater boating for dummies, a very forgiving hull design. The cockpit is massive but that also means that it is harder to establish good points of contact with the hull for whitewater. Katana is a slightly newer design and the outfitting is probably a little better and the hull is a little quicker. I can't imagine a more stable boat in ww than the xp10. xp10s almost all have leaky hatches. Even though I own an xp10 I give the katana a slight nod in performance for what you want to do. I don't think you'll have any trouble keeping up with 10' sit on tops- if you do then the problem is as much about you as it is the boat.

In the right hands both boats are fully ww capable (katana,xp10- class V. The xp10 is a better big water boat than a creeker. I suspect the Katana is similiar. Hope that helps. Don't rule out the xp9 either.

Be sure to check out the reviews for more specific info.

If your in to covering long distances, or paddle flatwater with folks who paddle longer boats then you might want something else but that's not what you said and I think a crossover will be fine for you.

Thanks tdaniel! And you’re right I’m not looking to paddle long distances, or with people who have boats bigger than 12’. I think all of the people I will go with actually have around 10’ boats.

don’t forget the Jackson Traverse
I also have been looking at crossovers. For me its because although I want to do whitewater, Ohio has limited class IV whitewater available and most of the area water is class I-II with the occasional III.

I demo’d a remix xp10 a couple years ago and it was decent and fit me well even though I am a bigger guy. I also demo’d a karma L at the same time and loved the feel of the boat. Even though I was in a lake. I did recognize the limitations of he Karma in a lake setting.

Jackson has the new Karma Traverse 9 and 10 that are becoming available now. I will be demoing the Traverse 10 in the next couple weeks when one becomes available in my area. I hope to do this alongside the Karma L for a better comparison. Maybe if I am lucky they will have a katana also to look at during the same event.

I was in a local shop yesterday. While I was there there were 3 calls from people inquiring about the Traverse. They said they already have over 5 people waiting on calls for when is available to check out.

I’ve spoken to people that got to try the Traverse. They were familiar with the rogue and they seem very excited in the Traverse because they were so impressed with it.

Unless I’m surprised by something, I will likely be getting a Traverse 10 based on my research so far. Especially since it retains its WW rating and is rated to class IV. However, you never know until you try one.

Hope this helps.

c & k review
canoe and kayak magazine had a nice review of several crossovers. I paddle a Rogue. My wife uses my old Fusion M. I prefer the Fusion for flatwater.The Rogue rolls a lot easier. Rogue is fun class I-II. Class III I feel more secure paddling a Jackson Villain. I’ve seen people use the Katana, Fusion, and the Ethos on the Upper Lehigh (easy class III) with success. My feeling is the Remix paddles like a barge on the flats, and a leaky hatch would worry me. I’ve only seen pictures of the Traverse, but with that much rocker the flats may be a problem. Another option to consider might be a long boat like the LL Stinger or the Prijon Tornado. If someone has firsthand intel on Traverse, that would be much appreciated.

I have a “Crossover”
It’s a Prijon Cruiser. Great boat, holds lots of gear, nice looking. Does what I want it to do but takes more effort that having two boats.