Crow Wing kayaks?

I saw someone at a small local urban fishing lake with one of the Crow Wing kayaks. Does anyone have one of these, and do you like them? I checked the reviews page but it doesn’t look like anyone’s reviewed one yet.

Thanks, just curious! This guy who had one is a local dealer and I was looking for a spare recreational-type kayak for guests.

Strictly by the pictures
Looks neat. I don’t like that the scuppers are as exposed as they are. I also don’t much like the largish hangy-down thingy (technical talk). I prefer not to have that sort of thing acting like a skeg on the shallow, ledgy rivers that I fish. Still, it’s no worse in those aspects than other boats out there in use every day.

If you’re fishing deeper water than I paddle and fish, it looks like it could be fun. Worth a paddle anyway.

Write back and let us know how you like it if you get one. I’d be interested to hear how it does and in what kind of water you paddle it.

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haven’t paddled one but IMO they look like bath tubs and with no scuppers I don’t think I would.But if you paddle ponds it may be just the thing.

Short and fat, but they look OK.
If looking for a short SOT, though, I’d take long look at the Malibu Mini-X or maybe Native Watercraft Manta Ray 10. Both are very good fishing kayaks. The Mini-X is popular with those who launch into the surf and fish the Gulf near shore. It also does fine freshwater or the bay, within the limitations of any SOT.

I have seen many “Package deals” right now on the mini x that will have u on the water the second it arives for a little over 600 dollars…even found one package as low as 550…it even comes in pink for the ladys

There were scuppers.

crow wing kayaks
we have 2 of the crow wing kayaks and use them for fishing small lakes - we really like them! they are easy to maneuver. we recently retired and needed something that was virtually untippable. great fun!

crow wing fishing kayak

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A friend owns one and let me fish with it on flat water. It was comfortable with good tracking. Also was very stable. Seems like a good value and Ive been looking at buying one here is the best website I have found so far for Crow Wing Kayaks.

Crow Wing fishing Kayak
I have the 1080 Pro Angler model. This is by far the best kayak i have owned that is stable and setup for fishing!! I love mine. This is the cheapest i found anywhere and was shipped to my door in 5 days! Get one!

If I was looking for a cheap fishing kayak Id check out the shakespeare.

My guess
is that it’s rather slow and you might need to at least add a seat pad for all-day comfort. If it has a shaped seating area, I can’t tell online. The hatches are quite small, so you aren’t putting much gear inside the thing – or rods – or small tackle boxes. The bungies on the bow may or may not be useful.

On the plus side it has decent rigging with the two rod holders, tank well, and a center console area. Not bad for the $$$.


Check again.
I don’t see any either, and I looked at every photo on their limited website. Doesn’t look like any of their models have any scupper holes.


You are correct sir!
With the current photos - it’s very clear that there are no scuppers. That’s a problem. Better have a bilge sponge and a bilge pump along if doing any fishing where there are waves, current, or surf - which pretty much describes places where there’s a lot of water, otherwise known as places to fish and paddle. Severe limitation.

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best kayaks ive been in
for one these kayaks are made for the everyday fisher and hunter in Minnesota lakes and rivers. crow wing kayak make the best kayaks for hunting and fishing MN. they are really stable. i tryed to flip my 1080 modle and almos couldnt. i duck hunt fish and just paddle all day in these things and they are nice. i have nothing bad to say about them. the 960 modle is good to. i got one for my girl friend she loves it. if you are going to buy a kayak for fishing the lake of MN and WI and so on get a crow wing kayak. you will love it no mater what modle u get!!! i put my word on it!!!

why does it seem
that the people logging on and supporting them, sound like they work for the company. Just an opinion, but had never heard of them until today and now these people are popping out of the owwdwork to say how they love them.

Personally, by looking at their limited website, I am not impressed. but I am no expert either. Their website pics seemed staged too. Again, just an opinion.

awwww yeah anyway

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for one i dont do sales for crow wing kayak. but my girl friend and i got them i got the 1080 modle and my girl gots the 960 modle. we love them. i have nothing to say bad about them. they are great got fishing and will be nice to padle and get the ducks i shoot. I first saw them on MN bond on TV. this was just a month or so ago. thats probly why people are starting to talk about them. they looked good on that TV show and thats when we got ares.

all im doing is saying i like them. way better then the pelican kayaks witch i been in.