Crown land camping out of Lion’s Head (G

I know there was someone that sent this info to me before, but can’t find it.

Looking to find some info on Crown land camping out of Lion’s Head (Georgian Bay) is there Crown land camping available close to Lion’s Head if so…. How do I get there?? & where would I be able to park for two nights.

Help is much appreciated.


Lions Head
You can park at the community (or senior?)center at the south end of town, at least that was the case a couple of years ago. We dropped the cars off after loading our kayaks and walked back to the beach to launch. You can camp out at Lions Head Prov. Nature Reserve around the point from town, or head north from town to Reeds Dump in the Smokey Head-White Bluff Prov. Nature Reserve. Neither is very far from town but would offer a good place to base camp and do day trips from. If you want to head up to the the national park, the closest sight is well over 20 miles from Lions Head. There is no place to camp before you reach High Dump in the national park.

I hope this helps, have a good trip!


Will I need to reserve a site
Will I need to reserve a site at ether of theses Nature Reserve?? & Are the sites wooden platforms near the water??

No reservations
or platforms. These are wilderness sights with no facilities…you just camp where you find a spot. The only place you would need to reserve a platform would be up in The Bruce Peninsula National Park (High Dump or Storm Haven)if you’re heading up that far.


I have not camped around the point at Lions Head, have just beached there for a brief stop. I know you can camp there but don’t know first hand if there are good tent sites. The area around Reeds Dump is nice with some good spots in the trees to set up tents and someone has built a nice stone “fireplace” on the beach.


Thanks so much for your help.


I second what she said
Take her word for gospel, I should know. I was on that trip! Simply awesome.

Will I need to hang my food??
Will I need to hang my food in this area??

It’s a good idea to hang it.
The national park has hanging poles, so I’d follow suit and hang food wherever you decide to camp.

K Thanks
K Thanks, Heading up for a solo trip this Thureday & friday.

Thanks for all the info.

It’s really a beautiful place!