Cruiser by Prijon

Any review on the Cruiser by Prijon? New Jersey Paddler is recommending this boat to me since the Wildnerness Tsunamai I ordered is on major backorder. I’m going down to demo this week. Any other suggestions for a kayak: beginner, paddler, woman, member of kayak club, looking for 12 -14 ft, for rivers and lakes???

Help!! I’m so confused!!

The Tsunami is a good boat, I’m not sure why there’s such a backorder in your neck of the woods. Have a look at was there last week and they had several models. Buying in Canada provides you an advantage.

Cruiser is a new model by Prijon, so I doubt you’ll find any reviews online. At nearly 27" beam, you probably will never be able to roll this beast. I have a CombiTour 359 at 24.75" and I can roll it, but it has to be very good technique, or I swim. That being said, the quality of Prijon’s plastic is probably unparalled out there. The neoprene/hard plastic hatches are very good and watertight! But it all comes down to fit and feel. Try it, try it some more and paddle it until the store gives you the ultimatum - buy it or move on! Good luck, and happy paddling in whatever you end up in!


Prijon Capri Tour or Calabria
Check those out on Pnet reviews. Super boats, one at 44lbs and 12 feet, the other at 14.5 feet and 54 lbs. I agree, the Cruiser at 27 inches is too wide and you will outgrow it fast. In ffact, the Prijon Motion at 23 inches or the Seayak at 23-24 inches are likely candidates also. all have some reviews online. also.

It looks cool. It looks like it’s going to have alot of competition like the boreal,echo 14, escky 13, Pamlico 140 ( my kayak :-), stingray 14, kestral 140 roto, dirigo 140, necky manitou, riot stealth, impex irie, eqiunox, and acadia 13.

wow, it has lots of compitition. But I hope they do well.

Prijon Boats
For a woman the Capri or Motion would work especially well. If you wanted to go a bit bigger you could run the Calabria. All are excellent boats for your paddling area.


Prijon: Greensongrobel, where r u?
Where are you located in the USA?

Check this out.

I have seen the Cruiser
and have put it side by side the Calabria. The hulls are vertually the same almost identical. The major differance is the cockpit is much larger as for a rec. boat. and the foot braces have been changed to a simple put your foot in the slot no moving parts type. Kinda like a sit on tops only sideways. I thought this would be a bad thing but it acually works pretty good. The rear hatch is a plastic cap with a gasket around it. No neo stretch cover.So check the revues on the Calabria


Biggest bang for the buck
I’ve also seen it side by side with a calabria. Agree with you that it is virtually the same boat with a bigger cockpit, different foot pegs, different hatch. It only weighs 2 pounds more than the Capri Tour. With the $799 price tag and the prijon plastic it will definitely be one of the best deals out there.

If You’ll Go For 15 Ft…
Try the WS Cape Horn 15. I think it’s a great beginner boat. Remember, you don’t have to hoist the boat all at once on top of your vehicle. Just one end at a time. Take one for a test drive.

If you can go just a little longer and like the Prijon boats, consider a Touryak. I’ve had one since February and really enjoyed it. The Touryak seems to get overlooked a lot with most of the attention going to the Kodiak and Seayak, but they were just too big for my needs. Still the Touryak has plenty to offer in terms of features you normally wouldn’t see on a 15 foot boat.

Consider the Calabria
Hi -

I recently purchased the Calabria. I was in the market for a boat for about 2 years and paddled many models to find the best fit, but kept coming back to the Calabria. It works well for lakes and rivers. It’s a boat that you can grow into. It will serve you well as a beginner and allow you to advance to more challenging terrain.

The issue with a new model boat (like the cruiser) is that the maker usually makes several adjustments to it after it has been on the market for a season. The Calabria is a classic. Tried and true.

Good Luck

I second the Calabria- It’s a wonderful

I third the Calabria.

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Don't go by my Pnet review. I was a ninny when I wrote it. (but it does need a rudder, no doubt about that in my mind). :)

Rudder is not at all necessary. Do no think that you have to pay the extra 200 bucks. Learning good technique will make the boat go just fine. One of the neat features on Prijon boats is the Tri-Hedral hull. You will be able to “lean” the boat to change directions. They call it carving turns and it is similar to turning a bike. Direction changes can be made with a quick lean at the hips.

My friend and I placed first and second on a local flatwater race with the Calabria, beating several glass boats. 6.3 miles in one hour and four minutes. Niether of us used rudders so you can see it is easy to keep the boat straight and get a clean and efficient run.

Lions and Tigers and Rudders, oh my

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I applaud our mutual admiration of the Calabria. On calm waters, or slight wind, it is a saint. A well behaved and fast (can you imagine, you posted that race time in a 25 inch beamed plastic yak... great for you) water flea. I have little doubt that your race was in winds less than or eqaul to 10mph. Relatively calm day. Otherwise, I doubt you'd have fared so well.

But I have become a convert to the rudder. I have read many books on rudders and skegs, and seems that all the great expedition kayakers not only favor rudders, but many insist that the steerability of the rudder gives it a distinct advantage over the skeg (I have nevere owned a skegged craft and do not wish to debate skeg vs rudder). I edge that Calabria, I have mincelled the bathtub-like 'pit to get optimal contact, and yet I still feel that, in the weathercocking winds, I drop the rudder and bam, I make significant forward progress rather than trying to paddle at a sustained edge. It is like a rail, man. Sure, some would argue about drag, but I for one believe, at least for me, that the drag is nothing compared to being able to use my best forward stroke torso rotation ("Put your back into it, Boy") without constant edging. I really appreciate my rudder, especially on that boat.

The weathercocking of all Prijon boats, especially the shorter ones (read the reviews, they all mention it) is, unfortunately, infamous.

Solution: get gigged ($) for the rudder.