CRV racks

Hello everyone,

We just purchased a new Honda CRV. We’ve been moving rotomolded yaks on top of an F-150 with a cap, using Yakima racks. Does anyone have any experience with Yakima towers on a CRV? Honda indicates a low load limit for Honda Racks, so I’m not inclined to go that way. The load with 2 yaks and accessories is around 120 pounds. Any advice?



Factory racks
I have loaded 2 poly yaks on my factory rack using a yackima stacker. No problems. I think with the thule set up the weight limit is increased to about 120. Factory set up is about 75lbs I believe. My 2 yaks go about 105.

Make life easy
After your roof rack, add a Hull-a-vator to that. You’ll wonder why they didn’t invent it sooner. Yeah, getting lazy in my old age.

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I use Yakima rack system
with my Honda Element which I believe has the same mount points as the CR-V. I use the Malone J-Stackers with the Yakima rack system.

You can see a pciture of my setup at my site

You will find a photo in the Kayak Christening album and the Kayaks Arrive album.

They didn’t
invent it. Malone did back in the mid 90’s with the first J-Cradle.

I was at
the Quiet Water Symposium in East Lansing, MI last Saturday and they had a Honda Element (same platform as the CRV) with a Thule side mount system set up. It was pretty slick. The arms swung down the side of the car, you secure the kayak at a manageable height, then the whole thing swings up on top. Pretty cool.