CT Anybody Paddle from Clark's Outdoors?

With temperatures at about 11 degrees around here, my paddling consists of thoughts about next summer.

Last summer the family had a picnic up at Kent State Park. I just had to go up a little further to check out Clark’s Outdoors. They offer whitewater paddling in conditions that they say are suitable for someone to try out for the first time. Anybody tried this?


Housatonic day trip
The Housatonic from Falls Village to Housatonic Meadows State Park (approx. 11 miles)has been one of my favorite day trips–class 1-II water. However, last summer I was told that the state does not release the dam water on a regular basis like they used to (unless something has changed), so if you want to run it, it would be best in the spring-early summer. It’s a great run for learning how to paddle easy to moderate white water.

So it’s too calm otherwise?
Being a coastal paddler, I’m kind of ignorant about these things. Do you mean that after early summer it would be considered sub- class 1?


Spring Run-off
Means higher waterflow and pushier rapids. What may be class I becomes and II, and so on. Once the the spring run-off is over, one can can find better paddling after a rainfall, or from dam releases.


A good outfit but…
I heard that due to changes in the releases they may not be around after this coming year. Supposedly, they have decided to stay for another year to see if things work out but I’m not up to date on this so check with www.npmb.com. They probably have better info.-----Rich

Thanks Rich
There is some talk about the run at Clark’s, but no mention of them closing up shop. Maybe I’ll post a question there, as they seem to know quite a bit about it.

Much Appreciated…Lou

Natural flows
What has happened is that the Housy is going with natural flows. The reason for this is to protect the trout in the river. So you’ll have to wait for a rain storm to get the water that you need. FishHawk