ct river in lower vt

At the end of the month I’m thinking of floating the CT river in lower VT from about Putney to about Brattleboro. Will the river carry me along well, or will it be a lot of paddling? Also, I’m assuming that going by the nuclear plant just south of Brattleboro of forbidden (right?).


Ct. River trek
Assuming no heavy (flooding) rains occur…you should have no trouble negotiating the river…

RE: Vermont Yankee…there will be warning signs in areas “off-limits”…keep in mind, the plant is in the process of shutting down, so there MAY be additional restricted areas…Good luck on your journey!!

I think you should expect a lot of
paddling. There is some current, but usually no one would call it “brisk”. And, you may have wind from the south at times. Just keep a steady pace and rest yourself along the shore rather than getting into a grudge match with conditions.


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Be aware
we have had a very wet summer so far and recently very heavy rain and flooding in central Vermont and all the water will find its way to the Connecticut River. So check flows.

I can see the confluence of the White and the Connecticut from my office window every day (White River Junction, VT). The river was very high in that area yesterday. All roiled up too. Not sure what that means for down further south or even exactly when you plan to paddle.

Have a great trip.

My one trip on the White River was in
rather low water. Must be a rather different paddling experience right now…

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White River
The White if a great river. I suspect it is at a great level now and warm water to boot which is certainly a treat.

Here’s a trip report
Some guys in the club paddled the Connecticut last year. Here is a link to their trip report. I believe you should be able to glean the answers to your questions from their TR.