cuda 168 fish finder

Any suggestions where is the best place to mount the transducer on my kayak? I have the portable unit.

Most information is for permanent

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mounts. Here's a decent set up:

You can also make a temporary mount with vaseline...thick application, no air help determine placement. The transducer will shoot through the hull unless its Polylink oar similar multilayer material.

If your portable unit has a suction cup mount, you can try mounting it on the side of the kayak with the transducer submerged. However, if the plastic on your kayak is not smooth, it won't stick well. Even if smooth, it will pop off on occasion. That's what I do with my transducer...have the regular Cuda 168. It pops off the hull on my OT Loon for time to time, its smooth plastic, but sticks well to my Royalex Wenonah Sandpiper canoe and my fiberglass tandem canoe. I move the unit form boat to boat, so like the suction cup mount even with the hassle of it popping off the Loon. BTW, if you mount the transducer so it shoot through the hull, the temperature gauge will not be accurate by a few degrees.

Two sites where you can get information
on mounting your transducer and fish finder, as well as anything related to kayak fishing… Friendly no matter from where you hail. One of the oldest kayak fishing forums, as well as a very good place to buy SOT kayaks popular for fishing and accessories.

These are the largest two kayak fishing forums and have a wealth of ideas on rigging your kayak.

fish finder
thanks yak, I’ll check out those sources and also try mounting it on the inside.

Don’t expect much from this bunch
for rigging a kayak for fishing. Its mostly, with a few exceptions, a non-fishing crowd.

cuda 168 fish finder
thanks again for the info yak. I meant to put it in the fishing forum, hit the wrong button. I’ll let you know how it works out.