Cudos to P net Classified Ads

-- Last Updated: May-06-06 9:11 PM EST --

I placed an ad to sell my Perseption Acadia on May 2nd and sold it on May 3rd for the full asking price. Now, if I can only learn how to purchase them this fast...

That's Kudos with a K

Yep, they ARE great…
I’ve sold four boats thru them… Thanks

A pic helps and a link to more pics along with the city or area you are in.

My boat sold lickety split too!
I bought and sold a boat in the last month on

Thanks for reminding me
Good resource indeed, and can’t beat the price (though so far I’ve ended up selling faster/easier via eBay).

I need to list our Pintail (Kim switched to Sparrow Hawk and doesn’t get to paddle much so it won’t see much use. Shame to just let it sit, and promised I’d sell whichever she decided would go). Tsunami X-1 will go up soon also. Need room. Might have to sell the Mark 1 ski too - but it’s hot/long day season and I can get in short paddles after work some days…

Bring it…
…up to Delmarva, Kris. More than one boat has sold there you know and its a very nice way to let folks demo the boat too.

I plan on coming down with an spare and empty 'yak rack myself…


Hmm, Mark 1 ski
Will it fit me?

Need rack space now!
Hey! Someone buy my Posiedon so I can order a new Huki! Help, my quiver is stuck! Help!