Cure for slipping neoprene skirt?

My low-end MEC neoprene skirt regularly slips off the sides of the cockpit on my plastic VCP Skerray. It stays on better if I wet the skirt, but the problem still is significant. I thought that perhaps the slipping was a function of the size of the skirt and / or the less defined “lip” on the rim of my plastic boat. However, I recently tried this skirt on my friend’s SNG, which has both a smaller cockpit and a more defined lip. The skirt slipped off even more frequently. Any suggestions short of buying a new skirt right now? (I’m still waiting for my income tax refund). Is there some substance I can put on the neoprene to make it more like the “sticky” neoprene I see on some other skirts? Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks

Dare You?
run some sandpaper along the length of the coaming lip underside. That creates stryrations than will help keep the skirt in. Otherwise, yeah, get a new skirt.


of modifying the lip of the coaming as sing suggests, a new skirt is your best option.

2 tips,

  1. don’t go cheap
  2. bring the kayak with you when you go to get the skirt.

along with the sandpaper
if you have an old bike inner tube, you can wrap it around combing which will help the skirt with grip.

Nice one! never heard that! (NM)

good advice
also , if you do get a new skirt, try to find 1 with a rubber type edge along it. I know Old Town makes em like this.

Mountain Surf
Their Dur-O-Ring skirts have an awesome rubber rand on them which makes it grip extremely well with the combing. If you do go with a Mountain Surf, be sure to order the EZ-On model as the Bomber Model is extremely tight and difficutl to get on.

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suggested cutting the tubing down to size, tying it off and putting it over the coaming after the skirt is on. Frankly, I haven't needed to do this so I have not a clue really if that would work. I have done the sandpapering of the coaming on a skirt that seems to pop off. I work well enough though the skirt will never be bombproof. But, it was good enough for my wife and kid since I don't want them with a tight skirt.


Sex Wax
Seriously, I use it for gripping paddles and spray skirts.

that’s a new one
I’ve heard of using Mr. Zog’s (or equivalent) sex wax for paddle grips, but I never heard of anyone using it for sprayskirts.

On a related note, how grippy does sex wax make your paddles? My paddles are fairly smooth which allows them to rotate easily in my hand when feathering. I know too smooth is a liability but on the flip side too tacky would cause blisters to form. Can you share your experience with the stuff?

Try smearing some aqauseal along the bottom and side of the coaming where the skirt is popping off at. It helped one of my skirts.

or contact cement
a little stickiness can go a long way.

i always wear gloves, so I don’t get blisters. Also, I tape some sort of index (rope, pencil, etc.) where my right control hand grips the paddle to keep it from slipping.