Cured the insanity, maybe

So the wife and I bought kayaks as our 30th gift to each other. A Necky Manitou 13 and a CD Breeze. We are beginners sort of, but have canoe’d (?) and had powerboats so not new to the water. I’ve also read most threads and articles here and watched countless videos, some pretty good stuff out there.

We live about 200ft from a put in on the Oswayo which flows into the Allegheny a few miles downstream. We also have a large number of small lakes nearby.

Can’t believe we never bought kayaks before this. I really want to know when do I quit wanting more boat? It seems I’m making lists of touring/expedition boats and things we can do with them, not to mention camping gear and the like.

Maybe a disclaimer about the ensuing addiction these things create would be in order?

Sorry for the novella , we appreciate the site and really enjoy paddling. Looking forward to joining the community here and participating when possible.


PS; look for part II

It never ends Walt !
Welcome to the club!

Jack L

I’m told there are worse addictions
The insanity ends only when you do. The more often you get out, the more often you’ll find the need for another niche boat for that particular purpose.

Creeking, fishing, a stallion for putting miles behind you, a pack mule for camping are just a few examples.

Kayaks are like golf clubs
They all fill a different niche for that days activity. Many have searched for the perfect do-all boat or paddle, still haven’t found them,

It seems garage space is the controlling factor in my addiction.

Every time I think I’m done. someone
comes out with a new one. Just glad I only apply my addiction to boats, not wimmin. That will make yo poor.

Down to 7
boats now from 12, my Bell Rob Roy being my new favorite at 35 pds. It’s not a bad addiction to have!

not about the boats for me-
its all about the paddling- boat is just the vehicle that gets me there- that being said, some boats work better than others in certain situations. Figuring it out is where the fun comes in.

Can be defined as not paddling.

Or paddling as the cure.

I kinda knew
it was going to go like this. Best part is poly boats are inexpensive and plentiful and I have lots of storage!

The wife LOVES it - it’s like NO STRESS ALLOWED on the water, she even suggest short hops just to get out for a bit.

The particular boat isn’t as important as just being on the water. It really is a pretty awesome experience, even a half hour does wonders.

Living next to a river (or lake) and NOT paddling is absolutely insane, thankfully the cure is pretty simple.

I appreciate the encouragement and comments from everyone , hopefully we’ll all be here for a long time.


Found a cure
if or the garage space limitation, just got a trailer that I can leave loaded in my garage, providing 4 additional slots to fill!