curious about WS Zephyr

just saw one,looks like it would be a neat boat, anyone paddled it?

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I posted a semi-review about it a while back. I have no idea how to find that thread.

I like it. Great boat. I like the 15.5. I don't care for the 16.

LeeG: Where?
Where did you see the Zephyr? In Maryland? I have only seen pictures, I would like to try the 15.5. Thanks, Steve

Paddled it at a Demo
Unfortunately I was on a slick calm lake. I paddled the shorter of the two.

Compared to my Tempest 165:

The coaming was more entry/exit friendly.

Turned more easily.

Had more secondary stability… loved an edge.

A little slower. Less glide.

Would have enjoyed trying it out at Bear Inlet on Saturday. Maybe I’ll rent one and go back soon.

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