currenrt design suka or little caribou?

Anybody paddle this boat yet, looks like caribou

that was in the dryer.


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I wanted to try it but couldn't fit in it..
It looks like a sweet ride for the small person.
Having had a Caribou I really wanted to try it.

lower decks
I used to paddle caribou but cockpit was a bit

big, this looks nice with lower decks & smaller

fitting cockpit. Probably nice rough water boat

loke caribou but more maneuverable.

At 5’11", 167 pounds, I fit the Caribou very well. I tried the new Suka that Jersey Paddler just got in and found it to be a very tight, less than comfotable fit. Looks like it would be a fine boat for a smaller paddler. John

Looking also
I have been looking at the Suka for my wife. She is currently paddling my Caribou because it weighs 43 lbs and I am paddling my Heritage Shearwater at 45 lbs. I noticed the Suka comes in at 41 lbs. I was hoping for lighter. I asked CD to build a smaller Caribou 5 years ago. Took them a while. Another boat I am looking at is the Necky Eliza. My wife damaged her knee and we are looking for a lighter boat for her.