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Did this years ago. Kind of interesting. I get the impression most of us are in the NE .
SURVEY: Handle: String ( pronounced strang down here)
First name or Nickname: Jim
Location, as specific as you want: NE SC.
Years on here: since the 1980s
Years paddling: 40+
Favorite boat or 3: WS Tarpon 160, Pungo 140, Rapidfire, Stellar S18S
Favorite places: Lake Hartwell, Jocassee, Edisto River, Bull Island NWR

Some nice data person compiled the results last time.

You really are one of the Pnet/Pcom oldtimers! I didn’t know it existed in the 1980s.

Handle: pikabike
First name or Nickname: Patty
Location, as specific as you want: SW CO
Years on here: joined in 2001, I think
Years paddling: 19
Favorite boat or 3: WS Tempest 165, SKUK Pilgrim Expedition, Nelo 520 S (surf ski)…and a boat I loved paddling but did not own, NDK Romany LV
Favorite places: Nooooo, I can’t list so many places! But regions I can list: southern CA beaches, the PNW coast and “Salish Sea,” and the US and Canadian Rocky Mountain lakes. I’d better stop now.

I’m gonna add two other specs:
Favorite bird to see when paddling: Tossup between Long-tailed Duck, formerly known as the Oldsquaw (they sound like a cartoon character), and Rhinoceros Auklet (they MOO)
Favorite mammal to see when paddling: Tossup between Atlantic
Bottlenose Dolphin and Dall’s Porpoise…or maybe Humpback Whale. I’d better stop now!

Bob stats:

My Mother and her sister were both into sports(competitive basketball, and track), and both were avid fishing women. They either hired a guide, or they poled and paddled an old hand made,wooden,18 foot john boat that belonged to them. My Mother and I are pictured in that john boat (1944 or 1945).
I got the paddling bug at a very early age. Never cared for fishing; I wanted the see what was around the next river bend,

Have been paddling since the late 1950s. Have paddled somewhere between 10 and 15 thousand miles(piddling total for some). I quit counting mileage over 10 years ago. Have spent over 2 years of my life camped in the woods, on river banks, and river gravel bars… Paddled flat and whitewater rivers (up to class 3). Don’t paddle on lakes or ocean, and don’t mess with kayaks. Own 20 or 21 canoes?(lost count this year). Highest count was 25. Favorite canoes: Bell Wildfire, Hemlock SRT, Mohawk Probe 12 and Probe 12 II, Swift Dragonfly, Mad River Guide, Swift Osprey, and several Blackhawks.
Not sure, but think I first hit Pnet in the late 90s?
Old handle was
My favorite paddling partner is my wife, who I taught how to paddle in the early 1980s. She has been paddling her own solo canoe for over 20 years. She don’t mess with kayaks either!

You paddle a kayak?

Surely you jest!
Kayaks? We ain’t got no kayaks! We don’t need no stinkin’ kayaks!!!

Mother and me on the Current river; probably 1945|690x480

I’ll play handle: Rex (pronounced Rayex locally) I used to be Kudzu before the site got all revised. I rejoined as Rex.
Location: Central NC
Years on here: I think it was early 2001.
Years paddling: About 19 years. MUCH more experienced with road bicycling.
Favorite boats: Tempest 165 and Dagger Alchemy
Favorite places to paddle: The nearby reservoir is beautiful and just minutes away. Coastal NC. Jocassee is gorgeous. Local pool is great for rolling and bracing.
Always birding on the bike or in the boat. Teaching myself to identify birds by ear.

PKb, I have no idea when started.

I’ve checked a number of times to find out where a poster was located. This forum is the only one that I regularly browse that does not allow you to enter it in your profile for others to see.

pnet name - Celia
Have no idea when I came onto pnet, a while ago
Location - Upstate NY
Paddling - Canoed as a kid, nothing serious. Kayaking about 25 years. Started paddling in early/mid 90’s, proper sea kayaks by maybe 1998 or 99.
Fave boat - Really can’t pick. Most broadly useful at this point in my life is the Romany.
Fave place - midcoast Maine, if ever returned to WW, easily accessed placed like Zoar Gap

pnet name: ptickner
First name: Paul
Location: western CO
Years on here: just a couple
Years paddling: 35+
Favorite boats: MR Explorer, Dagger Ocoee, Wenonah Minn II
Favorite places: pretty much anywhere I’m on the water, ADK, Everglades, Gunnison Gorge CO.

I started working at my Uncle’s shop in the Adirondacks in the mid-80s. After moving out west I hit the white water seriously, and eventually became a sponsored WW open boater, BLM River Ranger (getting paid to paddle!), and a Swiftwater Rescue Instructor. After seriously abusing my shoulders for years, I’ve pretty much hung up the WW boats and am really enjoying flatwater paddles with my young son. At any given time I’ll have between 8 and 10 boats, although I think I’m up to 13 at the moment.

Kim here
Western Maine . Moved here from the CT shoreline over 20 years ago. Reason; got a job here. While we lived in CT we managed an AMC paddling facility here in Maine and the drive was horrific twice a month… CT had good paddling though and we lived on the shoreline. Thats where I got into kayaking.
Canoeing since 1963. You do the math. Its depressing.

Favorite paddles? Newfoundland , Northern Ontario ( Wabakimi Woodland Caribou), Southern ON ( Algonquin for years and years,) La Verendrye, Yukon and Snake Rivers in Canada… In the US the Everglades and Green Rivers.
And home. Gotta go paddle my neighbor just called so say the loons are rafting up! Home waters are sometimes the best!

Rex, check out Nathan Pipelow’s* field guides, one each for eastern and western US. Besides the info on birding by ear, these recent guides have updated maps that in many cases show the shifts in bird ranges since the last Peterson guides (published in 2010).

Previously, I had noted some shifts between the 1990 Peterson and the 2010 Peterson. There were not a huge number. But between the maps from 2010 and 2019, an alarming increase in the trend continues. The shifts show movement to cooler regions, either farther north or higher elevations.

*Great name for a birder. Look up scientific name of Spotted Towhee.

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David here in Coeur D’Alene Idaho.
Been kayaking for about five years? Just getting going in canoes since they seem better for things like back country hunting.
Paddling for me is mostly fair sized lakes and getting into the wilderness, although I grew up on the Washington coast and have played out there and have more plans for out there in the future.

Handle: rsevenic
First name or Nickname: Richard
Birthdate: December 1940
Location: Sandpoint, ID USA
Years on here: since November 2009
Years paddling canoe: Boundary Waters mid 1950 through early 1970
Years paddling kayak: 2007 until now
Favorite boat or 3: NDK Explorer, P&H Classic Cetus
Favorite places: Lake Pend Oreille, various waters off Vancouver Island
Farthest away you’ve kayaked from home waters: Prince William Sound, AK
and Duoro River, Portugal

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-Forum handle: Willowleaf

  • Real life AKA: Kerry (short for a Welsh girl’s name few can pronounce)

  • Age: just turned 70 this summer

  • Years on forums: 10? Unsure of this. Been on several similar forums.

  • Years in the cockpit: span of over 50 years but only 20 with ardor

  • Location: NE, specifically SW Pennsylvania (W Michigan for a few years early on) but have wandered widely

-Preferred outings: NOT a fan of whitewater (did some in my 20’s including the class 5 Cheat Canyon – glad to have survived but didn’t have much fun) and more of a leisurely flatwater paddler, interested mainly in scenery, wildlife and camaraderie than distance or speed. Some kayak and canoe camping experience (long time backpacker and outdoor instructor and guide), would like to do more such trips but lack reliable and nearby partners for same.

  • Favorite boats: each has their charms. Have owned nearly 20 in my life, over a dozen different craft just since 2002, current fleet is 6 kayaks and a solo canoe:
    18’ Greenland hunting qajaq replica skin on frame: fastest, easiest to roll, very light (31 #)
    15’ Venture Easky 15LV touring kayak: next fastest, reliable and tough, heaviest (46#)
    14’ 9" Feathercraft Wisper folding sea kayak: portable version of the Easky, fits in a trunk but second heaviest (37 #)
    14’ Pakboat Swift folding day touring kayak: currently in dry-dock for sponson replacement – not enough data to judge
    13’ 8" Curtis Lady Bug canoe: something new and different for me, still learning, light at 34 #
    13’ 6" Pakboat Quest 135 folding touring kayak: airline baggage portability, decent speed and handling, super comfortable, 28 #
    12’ Pakboat Puffin 12 folding rec kayak, comfy and easy to set up but wide and slow, travels easiest at 24 #. Fits in a standard medium roller duffel along with all paddling gear and clothing without excess baggage charges on the airlines.

Favorite places to paddle: local to home would be the last few miles of the Yough, semi-urban stretches of the Monongahela, the 40 mile meandering shorelines of Lake Arthur. Memorable adventures farther afield were Salt River on St. Croix, Indian Arm near Vancouver, the River Derwent in Yorkshire England, Rideau Canal in Ontario, a couple of short outings with Celia on coastal Maine inlets, Lake Tahoe, Qajaq Training Camp on Lake Michigan, many trips along the Connecticut coast of Long Island Sound, the sparkling class 1 and 2 descent of the Red Moshannon and more tranquil sections of the West Branch Susquehanna, both in northern PA.

Thanks! Found it.

Handle: Mcimes, not a real word, made from a combination of parts of my name
First name or Nickname: Marcus
Location, as specific as you want: I think of myself as a Minnesotan, but live 100 miles north of Los Angeles currently.
Years on here: ~2012ish
Years paddling: 8ish of weekly paddling. Paddled at camp as a kid
Favorite boat or 3: Ocean/Big water/Waves = Fenn Swordfish S surfski. Flat water or casual crusing=Wenonah Jensen 18. Racing=Crozier V1 Pro
Favorite places: Rum River, MN, BWCA, MN , The Gorge (Hood River, OR), any ocean with a good 15mph+ onshore wind and 4’+ waves. Rainbow Reservoir, CT, Housatonic river delta, CT, Goleta state beach to Santa Barbara harbor downwind when the wind is coming from the west or northwest
I’ll add 2 more for thought
Dream paddling destination not visited Miller’s Run, Fish Hoek, South Africa (the greatest downwind run in the world. youtube Millers Run if you dont know what it is)

if you could paddle with anyone dead or alive, who? Verlin Kruger, Gene Jensen, or Serge Corbin

**Handle: ** PJC I liked the directness and simplicity of NT’s handle but found it was taken, so I used my own initials, though I didn’t want to be too PC.
First nameor nick name: Pat
Age: 68
Location: South Central Wisconsin (now)
Years on board: Since '99 or ‘00
Years padding: 50+, though there were quite a few years when I wasn’t very active.
Favorite Boat: Favorite is always use-dependent. Overall, I guess my Blackhawk Starship, especially for camping/cruising on large rivers and lakes. For fast lake tandem cruising Bell Mystic. For general knock around on rocky rivers (tandem or solo with sizable waves) Nova Craft Prospector 16. For rock gardens solo Mad River Flashback.
Favorite Places There are many… Lower Wisconsin River is “home.” Big, hypnotic, often lazy, but can sometimes call on one’s endurance. Very nice for camping. North Fork Flambeau, Namekagon, Bois Brule, and (if there’s water in it) Jump Rivers in N. Wisconsin. The Green River in UT is amazing. Had a fine time on the Edisto years ago. There are many nice lakes in MN & Northern WI I’d go back to in an instant. Used to go to Lake Packwash, Red Lake and the Waubeskang Chain in ONT when I was young - and I’d like to revisit sometime. Current, Buffalo, and Jack’s Fork in MO & AK
I’ll follow MCImes’ lead here…

Dream Paddling Destination Not Visited: Open to suggestion - Eleven Point River in MO is one I’ve missed so far and sounds interesting. Glen Canyon if L. Powell continues to drop.
If you could paddle with anyone, dead or alive, who: Sigurd Olson, Ed Abby (wouldn’t that be a hoot), John Bates (a thoughtful, gentle soul, and North Woods Naturalist extraordinaire).
Wish I could paddle with Black Walter, DuluthMoose, Ken Hecht, WildernessWebb again - all delightful people to paddle and share a camp fire with.

Handle…my name

First name…Andy

Location…(2) Northern NJ and Eastern PA

Years on board Since 98 (guess)

Years paddling 50, but the last 25 years seriously

Favorite Boat…Kajaksport Artisan Millennium and Sawyer Summersong I like to paddle long distances and at speed.

Favorite places…Big lakes, Georgian Bay, big lakes in Maine

Dream paddling Destination not visited…Alaska

If you could paddle with anyone, dead or alive…My friends that paddle…you know who you are

P,com name: Craig

Real name: Craig

On On for about 5 years ten years ago, recently (year) restarted

Paddled for: 19 years. ( 9 time Florida kayak racing champion)

Favorite boats: My own design woodstrip

Westside Wave Exceed

Fenn Mako 6

Favorite paddle: Own design single blade 9 degree angle straight shaft

Epic small/mid wing 212 cm 20 degree feather

Fenn 4 wing paddle

Paddled: Nigh onto every river in Florida

Dream paddle: been there a few times already

Handle castoff
because I’m always willing to get on the water

name/ nickname Doug

Location SC piedmont

Started here about 2010

Started paddling/sailing in the mid 1960s canoeing FL back then
Kayaking in a Folbot Super mid 1970s
Sea kayaking since 2010

Favorite boat the “Next One” or the one I’m in at the time

Boats I currently own
canoes MRC Kevlar Explorer 16, Curtis Kevlar Solo Tripper, Mohawk 14 Royallite, 1970’s fiberglass Mohawk 16, MRC Guide Royalx.
Sea kayaks Folbot Super, North Shore Buccaneer 17’4’, Shearwater boats Merganser 17 SG I built, Paddleyak Hybrid Swift Tandem (adventure racing) built in South Africa.
Sailboats West Wright Potter 19, Wayfarer 16

Favorite places to paddle Rivers, Swamps, Lakes, Marshes, Bays, and Ocean

Dream paddle Somewhere I haven’t paddled yet

I love canoe and kayak camping. Spent many years backpacking. Probably spent about 2 months out of most years primitive camping in the wild somewhere from beaches to mountains, and even swamps, and desserts.

I take an occasional photograph.

That makes 3 of us south of the Mason Dixson line. I know many more but few are at the level of the northern contingent.