Current Design Kestrel 140

Hi Has anyone used this boat in open ocean conditions? Can it handle moderate ocean swells, waves and chop?

boat can
can you?

while the kestral is more of a recreational boat than an open sea cruiser, it can handle ‘some’ chop and wind, in the right hands.


I hope so
I have been paddling a 12 ft plastic sit on top in the ocean for years. I’m a recreational paddler. I go out for a few hours and stay close to shore. I just want a boat that is lighter and has a bit more performance. Thanks for response!

common question
When folks say a boat “can handle” conditions X,Y,Z they’re assuming that boat is already designed for those conditions.

With a rec. boat the assumption is that capsizes are so rare on flat water that the dificulty of re-entry is acceptable.

So yes,a wide boat with a large cockpit can “handle” waves and wind. What it can’t handle well is capsize and self-rescue.

What folks try to impress on rec. buyers isn’t the handling of the boat,it’s whether the design is well suited to rescues in the conditions that dump people.

Even with fore/aft compartments there’s still a huge volume of water to remove that will ship water very easily during self-rescue.

Thanks for reply
I’m actually interested in the new Kestrel sit on top model so hopefully getting back in after a capsize will not be a big issue. I’m interested in whether this boat can handle moderate ocean swells and chop. Thanks!

well that makes sense
I paddled it in flat water,no idea what it’s like in waves but it makes a lot of sense for an efficient design. I wonder what the seat height will be,the one I sat in didn’t have seat scuppers and was low. Another boat worth looking for is a Futura15.

NORCAL Coastal?
My sense it it would handle a nice day on the Norcal coast but you might get in trouble if the wind come up and it turned into a big swell day.

It doesn’t look well suited for surf lanuch/landing. The hull is too rounded.

It does look like it would be really nice for Sierra lakes.

I am kinda torn between the Krestral and the Cobra Revision that is more of a beach boat.

It is a lifestyle based thing. I am not doing has much solo beach paddling as I used, but I am not ready to give it up, either…

I really would like to have both, but would need to get rid of a couple other boats to make room…

SoCal Coastal
I do very few surf launches and landings. I usually use public launches in harbors and paddle out to the ocean and then back into the harbor. Do you think it is enough of a boat to handle some receational ocean kayaking in calm to moderate conditions?

I Really Don’t Know
For one thing I haven’t paddled this boat myself, yet.

And definitions of “Moderate” conditions vary from boater to boater.

sweet kayak !!!
it’s awesome.

Do you take it into the ocean?
I typically stay within a few hundred yards of the shore off the So. Cal coast. Do you think a Kestrel 140 is OK for this type of paddling?

Can You Demo?
I think Pamilico is just commenting on the photo.

I really don’t want to discourage you from this boat. You really should try it if you get a chance, then you can tell us what it is like!

Wish I could
demo the boat. No one has the sit on top version I’m interested in out here yet. If I get the chance to demo it, or simply order and get it. I’ll let you know.Thanks for response!

I paddled the prototype…
…earlier this month. Very smooth and dry in light chop. Responds to a lean, and quick. I really did not pay attention to the deck layout so I can’t comment on that. It would be my first choice in a SOT. I had a 120 Kestrel and liked it alot.