Current Design Slipstream?

Going through the reviews, there seems to be some quality control issues with it. Otherwise, most people find it a good boat for small paddlers.

That got me thinking of buying it used. Well, whatever QC problem it has, it’s usually fixed by the original owner dealing with the shop/manufacturer.

That is, if the boat is a fun one to own.

What do you current or previous owners has to say? How does it paddle? What’s your like and dislike?

If you are in the market…
I still have 2 B.C. made C.D. Slipstreams in my shops inventory. One is glass and the other one is kevlar. Both are new & unused, yet '01-'02 models. Both are smoke (white) deck over smoke hull. If you have any interest give me a buzz. The shop # is 618-529-2313, I can email pics and they are definately reduced as I need them out of my storage. I sold a few of the Slipstreams and everyone (mostly women or smaller framed men) who purchased one liked them, and I never saw any Q.C. issues with C.D. in in 14 years of dealing with them except 1 bad gel Caribu-S (had a few voids where the gel had bubbles underneath that cracked the gel on the chines) out of the Wenonah factory. I personally liked the B.C. made hulls a bit better. Wish I’d never sold my Andromeda that came from B.C.

My review is on this site
for my 2000 Slipstream. This is still my primary boat, and my impressions, and a few problems, are noted in the review. All in all, I still think it is a great handling boat, and is the standard I judge other boats against. I am 5’7" and 140 lbs. I find it very comfortable; my only modifications have been a gel seat pad and hip padding. It rolls like a dream, and is a nice compromise between tracking and turning ease. I’ve been casually shopping for a new boat for a couple of years, and have yet to find one that I find both comfortable and handles the way I like. I probably just need to be more open to change!

I have several “ladyfriends” who have some coin and bought kevlar Slipstreams. They are small and fit the boat perfectly and love the way it handles, rolls and most importantly to them… The ease in which they can load it on their vehicles by themselves.