Current Design Solstice GTS vs. Infinity

I’m trying to select between these two boats. I’ve been trying a number of them and these are my favorite. But I’m having a hard time making a decision as I like both. I’m approaching intermediate level and have alway liked a skeg more than a rudder. The rudder to me just seems like another thing to think about and may prevent the subconsious experience. The GTS accelerated more rapidly, was faster and held the speed better. The CD Infinity, a slight less stable and a bit slower did perform very well plus it has a skeg and larger cockpit for entry/exit that was more comforable.

As background I will spend 75% of my time on a large inland lake paddling 3-5 hours at a stretch. Will take 2-3 weekend trip with overnight on boat. I really like the speed, have good conditioning but in the end what the boat that provides we with the most options of these two.

Can anyone offer up any ways to look at this? I’m going to make a final decision this week and then get on with a lot of fun paddling this year. Thanks ahead for your thoughts. Richard