Current Design Storm vs. Dagger Halifax

I am upgrading. I used a Current Design Storm last year and liked it. I am 6 feet, 205. However, they are hard to find.

I am looking at a Dagger(new) Halifax which appears to be the same price. I took it on a demo beach over the weekend and it seems OK, bow was not as high as CD Storm.

I am negotiating which appears to be a good deal and getting a good price on it. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts that they would share to convince me to stick with the CD or goto dagger. I don’t know alot about dagger except what I learned through web searches in the last few days,.

Storms are not hard to find
They actually seem to be pretty popular models. I know that Piragis sells them mail order.

We even have at least two CD sellers here in sea kayak-deprived Colorado.

Are you not sure you like it enough to buy it? Can you test paddle the Dagger?

is that the same as the old Atlantis? I liked how the Atlantis handled but it sure was heavy,and the front bulkhead blew out after a year of heavy use. It had glued in plastic bulkheads that just didn’t quite hold up over time. Again this is from a model three years ago so I may not be talking about the same boat.

Thanks for the link!
I emailed Piragis to see what they had. They seem to sell quickly, especially used ones…

How bout Wilderness systems?
I did ride in the dagger. It seems OK…

I was talking to someone this morning and they said that wilderness systems has the best seats Phase 3 seating. Unfortunately wilderness is re-building their site now, so all the information is not there yet. Does anyone know about wilderness? I know very little about them and when you look at them, its seems they are more for the fishing crew…

for ruddered boats?
it’s pretty much the Cape Horn. Personally I think the Phase3 seat is goofy but whatever feels good,get it.

How about
The Current Designs Sirrocco or the Necky Elaho?