Current Design Storm

I could use some input on this one,
I have a chance of getting a Storm, which I know is a poly boat and heavy, at a good deal. I’ve read all the P-com reviews and would need to travel 5-6 hours to get it.
I know it’s for a bigger than me paddler, I’m 6’, 150lbs, but I have a tendency to pick up cheap, overhaul, and re-offer for sale.
Looking for input on whether it’s a desired model or one that didn’t catch on and so it was dropped from the line, etc.

Maybe @PaddleDog52 has some input being the local CD collector :wink:, or anyone that used or been around this model as I have no hands on experience w/ CD yaks.

Thanks for anything that anyone can tell me about it.

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I don’t have any knowledge of the Storm, but this article says there was a significant re-design in 2004 which addressed some deficiencies.

Don’t forget to factor the cost of gas (or EV charging) into the deal on the kayak.


Price, year, photos?

Solstice GTS in composite would be better fit for you . Parts are not cheap if it needs a seat, hatches, or rudder. Can’t buff or patch plastic like a gel coat hull.

Good article :+1:

Since we’re discussing the CD Storm, I have an off-topic question. Personally I have a Squamish, a smaller CD kayak. I thought all the Squamish kayaks were plastic. But mine is more unusual; it is carbon fiber and just less than 40 pounds. Anyone know if the Storm had such composite alternatives?

I have a Storm GT (high deck) that I’ve paddler for around 5 years. I’m 5’ 10" at about 200 and it fits me quite well. It is a big boat and yes, heavy. With the arched bottom it will lean over securely until the combing is in the water. Initial stability is a bit low but good secondary. I’ve paddled in open ocean with it and felt comfortable and it will hold a tom of stuff if you are kayak camping. At the right price I feel it’s worth the trip.

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Couple hundred, it appears to be the original based on the one photo I have at the moment, still waiting on replies and will ask for more pics for sure.

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Bunch of CD roto hulls for sale in 500 to 750 on FB. Few nice looking on ebay that were 500 range all winter.

My guess early Storm in good shape would be 350. I’ve bought a bunch of composite CD NA style hulls all for 650-900. Even a 22’ Libra XT tandem for 900.

Get picture of serial number on stern.

Link above takes you to a Storm.

I’m 160, 5’6" and the Solstice GTS fits me nicely. At 6’, the OP might be a bit tall for the GTS…they would have to try getting in/out…

I’m 6 feet tall and get in and out of 29.5" Extreme cockpits and I’m not skinny.

The GTS model is specifically designed for the “smaller” paddler, according to CD’s brochure…

Weight wise and being thin. Extreme / Nomad cockpit is smaller but not a good hull for a light person .

Solstice GTS is same length as GT. Latest GTS update made the cockpit a bit longer.

Pedals I think have same adjustability for leg length.

I may be in the minority these days. Paddled it and had its sister Squall.
There are traditional getyouhomesafe boats. On the stiff side, fairly high decked and have to be shoved thru a certain point to come back up in a roll. That said, they have a remarkable inclination to stay upright.

Would l drive that kind of distance for a Storm?. Frankly not unless l was looking for a ruddered tank of a boat for camping. Outrageous capacity. But an older design that has characteristics which many people no longer seek in a day boat.


I picked up a Squall last fall for short money, as an addition to my fleet (primarily as a boat for guests to use). Haven’t had a chance to take it out yet…every nice day gets the best boat. :slight_smile:
I am looking forward to seeing how it compares to my fiberglass CD.
Would also like to pick up a Storm as it would be the direct poly version of my Solstice…

Very similar but not direct as most all poly hulls with a composite sibling.

Well, I’ve had a Storm for over 10 years. It was my first boat and I bought it as a rank novice. As the promo material from CD suggests, “Anyone can paddle a Storm with confidence”. Extremely difficult to roll (I was never able to!) but also a tremendous propensity to stay upright. (I’m 6’ - 1" and 160 lbs). Easy to wet-exit, but never had to. Huge capacity - great for camping. Heavy, but very tough. These points have been made by others, but I concur. I loved the dolphin nose - great for plowing into waves. I had it out on Superior and Georgian Bay for multi-day, solo camping (once in pretty rough conditions) and it never let me down. Always felt safe and secure. I liked it a lot. Hope this helps!


I am with Celia on this. I had a CD Squall. It was my second “touring” boat, after my WS CapeLookout. I wanted to like the Squall (because it was one of the few for small paddlers) BUT never did (it weathercocked like crazy and needed that rudder). I barely waved goodbye in getting rid of it. I actually like the WS CapeLookout more and kept this boat. (I “technically” still have the CapeLookout but it has been sitting up at my brother’s pond cottage up in NH for 20 years now.)


Thanks everyone, I decided not to get it. At first I thought that since it was a CD that it would worth picking up but I already know what barge like, overly stable, yaks feel like.
I then missed out on a Seda Swift going cheap because I couldn’t get enough information from the person in a timely manner and someone else grabbed it.

@sing funny you should say that as I have a WS Cape Outlook that I overhauled and have for sale. Bought it for my partner but she ended up liking my Tsunami better.

Again, thanks for the feedback!

Is that a Tsunami with or without the rudder? What I liked about the CapeLookout is that I don’t remember every having to deploy the rudder much if at all. All things equal, I would prefer to not have a rudder. Dislike a rudder after getting my hand cut by a one while doing self rescue practice in choppy water.


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It’s w/o. I have a skeg on my Manitou and prefer that. The only ruddered boat we have, of the maximum 4 that we can carry on the rigs, is a Necky Dolphin that I picked up for my mom when she comes out west.
Though my partner’s yak in Florida is a Carolina w/ a rudder, something my mom picked up for her. I don’t think the boat fits her well and will eventually find a better one out there for her.