Current Designs Andromeda

I recently paddled and fell in love with an Andromeda. I know they are not made any longer…does anyone know where I can get my hands on one? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A few around
Andromedas were made for some time and one sees them around. They are not wildly popular and are preceived as somewhat demanding boats, so Current designs dealers seldem sold many.

Last I knew Lake George Kayak still had one in stock.

BTW, the Andromeda is often seen as Derek Hutchinson’s update of the P&H Sirius, so you might want to try a Sirius which seems to be better liked by agressive paddlers.

Have one in stock

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not sure if you recieved my message (my computer is giving me email nightmares) but I have a new, 2 year old never seen H2o Kevlar mango deck/white hull Andromeda left in stock. Nice boats, had one for a few years. Sold it when a customer demoed a Pintail w/me one day and ended up wanting my Andromeda instead. Give me a call. Shop # is 618-529-2313.

Not sure about them being a 'demanding' boat at all, sold a few to total novices who grew into them and never missed a beat. I remeber a B.C.U. instructer commenting they are an incredibly tippy boat. Say what? Compaired to what, a Pamlico 100? I swear I could nod out on night paddles and catch myself. I actually thought my original Caribu (non skeg) was more tender, and the Andromeda is way more stable than mt Stratus or Pintail. I introduced quite a few friends to kayaking by letting them paddle my Andromeda, most of whom had never sat in a kayak before, and not a one had any issues. Demanding?

Not Tippy At All!
I agree I did not feel the least bit tippy or unstable in this boat. Felt totally at home in it. I was able to make it do what I wanted it to do instead of it doing it’s own thing. Tracked extremely well…very important to me. With the exception of the Current Designs Suka, it was the only boat I did not have to use the skeg. Also did not feel like it was fighting me when putting it on edge as other boats have done.