Current designs Breeze replacement seat

We recently bought a used 2008 Current Designs Breeze and the seatback is very worn and needs to be replaced. My wife also thinks having a taller seat back would be more comfortable.

Does anyone know of a good seatback replacement for the Breeze?


I don’t know that specific kayak and cant tell from the photos on the web site how they do it, but a common fix for worn seat back would be to add a seat band.

If you want a taller seat back, likely requires replacing the whole seat, as a taller seat back is almost always integrated into the seat bottom. I could contact Current Designs to see what they have. Note - a taller seat back would likely prevent you from being able to use a skirt with the kayak.

To follow up on Peter’s remarks, here’s a quote from the CD website:

“Most parts are very specific to different kayak models and need to be ordered through your nearest Current Designs dealer or from Customer Service (507-454-5430). Please have your model and serial number ready for the dealer or representative.”

Current Designs still offers the Breeze so replacement parts should still be available. It’s an older design though and - at least on their website - the seat looks quite a bit different from current models.

As per the advice above, I’d either contact them, or one of their local dealers.

Is it similar to this? This one is adjustable.

Thanks! But I the current older seat we have has a different bottom engagement.

Thank you all,

I called the customer service at Current Designs and was told the seatback in the link from DianeCetan above fits in the older model kayaks. It has additional adjustments to raise and lower the seatback so it should be perfect for us. I just ordeded it and look forward to putting it in the old kayak.

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That’s good to know.

I’m glad you got it sorted out.

CD rocks I have bought a ton of parts from them for my 6 North American models.

@Trailz did you ever purchase that seat? I have the exact same issue… What was it like? Do you have any comments positive or negative or a photo? Thanks!

We did in fact purchase the seat and I installed it on my wife’s CD Breeze. While I can’t comment on its use, she didn’t complain and I recall she appreciated the upgrade from the former ratty seat that came with our used CD.