Current Designs Cypress

Anybody paddle one? Just curious…haven’t seen any reviews.

somebody had a review
I think it was Sea Kayaker magazine

Yep, SK
Yes, a pretty in depth review of the Cypress was in the February 2007 edition of Sea Kayaker magazine.

I’ll have to get a copy. It looks like a pretty nice boat. I’m looking for a friend and we have a CD dealer near by.

Deb and I …
have, and it’s a very sweet boat.

Brassington’s in Ocala area is having a test paddle soon, and that’s the event we tried it at last year.

If it’s not too far for you to drive, give it a shot. Or, make a weekend of it, and paddle some local favorites.

Best of luck,


Did you purchase one?
The specs look great. I’m surprised there are so few reviews. The Caribou is my favorite CD boat, but this one looks really promising.

Relatively new boat

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As a relatively new boat, there probably haven't been enough in paddles' hands long enought for a lot of reviews.

Here is the you tube video:

check w. Tim Truman
midwest rep for CD (among other lines). He’s based in Indianapolis but travels the area boats in tow.

He had a Cypres (a beloved demo from the large dark scrapes on it) displayed at the Quiet Water Symposium in East Lansing, MI this past weekend.

Too bad so much water here is still solid…

The 2008 Current Designs catalog is out btw.

Heck no,
At $3000, the wifey can just wish on it for a while.

In '07 she made me buy a travel trailer, then common sense made me buy a bigger SUV, which means she’s not seeing any new toys in '08.

Still think it was mighty nice. Maybe in '09 if she behaves…


I sat in the boat
at Quiet Water and liked the fit- maybe even better than the Slipstream. That’s all I can say about it though as of course the water here is still pretty firm.

Current Designs Cypress

I’m going to be paddling a Cypress on the Inside Passage from Seattle to Alaska this summer. I’m picking up the boat in mid-March and will be training with it before the trip. I’ll post more as the trip comes together on our site at