Current Designs (Danish boats and similar seats) - let's see your mods

Just wanting to see what other CD boat owners have done to tune their cockpits.
My first big trip out I tried to stay in the boat as much as I could - 4h30m was longest stretch with a total paddling time of 6.5 hrs.
Glutes and hamstrings generally sore or numb. I’m in the legs overhead - toes can touch the ground group of flexibility.
I am 5’9", 165lbs.

My mods to date:
25.4mm mini cell cut into pizza slice shapes under the thighs (jammed under the pad) about 101.6mm long (see pics).
9.4mm slipped into both hip pad pockets (stock CD hip pads).

This past weekend:
4h 20m longest time in seat and almost no pain. some progress! I think the additional support from the “pizza slice” shapes under the thighs was really helpful. I am reluctant to put anything directly under my but as it might affect overall center of gravity.

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I did add some hip pads to my Prana (not the CD stock ones like yours, since they are not…in stock :frowning: ), but I found the seat super comfortable on about a 4 hour paddle. This was in comparison to my former old Sirocco, so it might just be the contrast. Was planning another trip this week but weather will prevent. Typically I used to get back and shoulder soreness in the Sirocco, but had zero in the Prana. Legs always seem fine, but I’ll bear the pizza slices in mind (mmmmmm, pizza!)

Wormdevil, is that a foot pad I see on the cockpit floor too? Did you add that or was it already there? Never added one but I did used to get some discomfort on my heels after a few hours - is that the idea?

Your heels will tear up the pad and it’s hell to remove in there. Concentrate on footwear choices.


You can also lower the pegs for your feet with no changes to you hull and every is reversible.

In my rudder CD hulls. I remove the pad and lower the front of the seat. I like support in the center of the seat and a little flex below my things.

Only mod I made to my Prana (other than installing the CD hip pads I was given) is a minicell footbrace. That lets me keep my legs closer together and move them around.

I find the seat the most comfortable of my three boats. Also like the adjustability of the IR Reggie backband.


As you age feet and legs may give you problems you never had before.

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Hard to tell from pic but under padding is built up a bit in the back to angle slightly forward(i get better catch that way and more comfortable over distance) plus I have cutouts for comfort

This is the underside pattern cutouts

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Darkstar, that’s the exact opposite of Wormdevil’s - just goes to show…
I’ll leave mine as is for now I think until I have a few more miles in her!

Different strokes for different strokes. I like forward tilt also. Probably cut the wedge in half. Hard to pull the seat there’s it’s bedded in so much silicone.

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For my body, theunderside of the thigh(front) needs clearance to prevent compression which leads to numbness over distance for me. Most of my kayak time is longer distances so some of these things don’t present themselves for many hours to me

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I’m also going to lower my pedals. Even 1/2" is noticeable.

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I could never be comfortable in a kayak for more than about 1 1/2 hours, so I gave up on them entirely. It was awkward because I built a really nice wood Pygmy.

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I ordered my Sisu LV without the seat pad. I like a slick seat, and really like the cockpit fit. It’s comfortable as it came for me.

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it is a 12" x 12" x .37" mini cell. It is not attached to the boat. I does make my heels more comfortable.

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I slide a mini Cel foot pad under my foot area during winter/spring paddling to keep my feet warmer. I use a small piece of duct tape to hold it in as like stated above, it’s a pain to remove if you cement it in. Plus you don’t need it in warm weather

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That’s an interesting mod. Is that in addition to the stock pad or does it replace the stock pad?

I am contemplating this as a replacement pad.

It’s in place of. I had a seat with the neoprene cover, removed it and made this. Once I got the padding correct(trial n error) I cemented it in,then added hip padding and a bit more to the thigh braces.

I will add a better back band when it gets far enough up the priority list. I used bungee to better secure the stock back band in the meantime

I’m not sure what you mean by “lowering your pedals”. Could you describe what you are going to do?