Current Designs Deck Lines

Anybody know if Current Designs reflective deck lines are 4mm or 5mm? I know it’s not much of a difference, but I need to know. On the same note - their deck bungees 4mm or 5mm?

Thanks everyone!

Why not ask them?
One quick phone call and you’ll have your answer.

ask for the Accessories Dept.
Dial the main number, and request the Accessories Dept.

Jeremy Smith is the manager.

He came thru bigtime for me in expediting a set of the newer hatchstraps for my Suka - delivery on the road, while I was in the Upper Peninsula at symposium.

Hi all,

I did contact CD today per bnystrom’s advice. I didn’t originally because in the past I have left voice messages and emails and have got no response for a couple weeks so I thought I might get a faster response here.

Today was different - fast response! Just an FYI the perimeter lines are 5mm and the bungees are 3/16" with the exception of the middle bungee, which is 1/4"

Thanks again all.

Now order some from Neocorp

They make the best deck line and bungee I’ve seen.

"Our new website is coming soon!"

Apparently you need to call them.
The sites been “coming soon” for a while - but everyone claims they’re incredibly helpful.

Sadly, I just dislike the phone.

They ARE very helpful
It’s certainly worth a call, even for the “phone phobic”.