Current Designs dumps trademark Kevlar

Looks like now they just say

You’ll notice the lightness of our Aramid kayaks the first time you pick one up. You’ll also appreciate its easy lift on and off the car and its intimate responsiveness on the water. Aramid is an optional layup for our Performance Touring

I always thought that they used a generic aramid for the Chinese built kayaks, but “brand name” Kevlar for the USA made ones?

Interesting. The demo Prana LV I bought is a Kevlar layup which has a US flag sticker on the rear deck stating “Handcrafted with Pride in the U.S.A.”

Did they always offer a “hybrid” layup?

Beginning this season, Wenonah and Current Designs chose not to pay DuPont the required licensing fee for use of the Kevlar trade name for the material. “Aramid” boats are identical to their previous US made boats, they just aren’t going to use the K name for marketing purposes. It won’t stop anyone from (accurately) using the Kevlar name to describe what the boats are made of.

(The hybrid boats in the CD line are built overseas, and they’ve always used a different blend of carbon and aramid fabric along with a different construction method from the US built boats, which is why they didn’t use Kevlar in describing their layup.)

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They are using a generic brand now I bet. Boats 3999 they are struggling probably to keep them below 4 grand.