Current Designs Extreme

Based on a previous thread here I was given suggestions on boats to look at. Being on a budget getting back into boating I am looking at used boats.

One that came available is Current Designs Extreme. Might this be too much boat for a lifelong white water and sea kayaker that has been out of it for a few years?

At $1600 with paddle and skirt it seems like a good deal to get back onto the water and I could get my money back out of it if I decide on a different style of boat later.

Too much boat?
As a long time kayaker, you can answer that better than anyone else. It would depend upon what you would consider too much? Efficiency is very good even at lilydipin speeds. Directional control in winds and seas is quite easy. Ability to surf open water is impressive. I’ve done plenty of pretty rough surf landings both empty and loaded, and it has always gotten me to the beach both safely and predictably. I’ve had a lot of fun with it.

It maneuvers nicely for an easy tracking, fast expedition Hull. But it takes edging and some strength behind well executed turning strokes to move her around in a hurry. If your thing is laying onto the back deck, or you have a thing against higher peaked decks, it probably won’t be your thing. These are things that haven’t played into rough water performance for me. It’s comfortable to edge, easy to roll, has nice molded thigh braces that provide good contact for rough water play.

I personally have a number of sea kayaks, and am a regular coastal paddler. I find it a fantastic open water kayak. There are all kinds of different sea kayaks, but to date, I’ve never found one that I would consider better for my purposes.

Have fun whatever you end up with.

Recoup $
If it’s in good condition, you likely would be able to resell it and recoup your investment. It’s a good price for that kayak.

CD has a good reputation for quality. The main issue with the Extreme is that it has less stability than some other touring kayaks. Depends on your balance and how much time you’re willing to get comfortable in it.

Put some money down
the boat was too beautiful to pass up. I will finish paying for it and take it away hopefully soon.

It is a composite boat of Kevlar & Carbon fiber in near mint condition. I figure a lot of time in some smooth water to get back into boating. If I want to get out in the mean time in some rougher water I’ll take my wifes boat.

The only reason I did not drive it away then is I could not figure out how to get a 19’ boat onto the roof of my integra.

Sounds like a steal :slight_smile: