Current Designs factory blems

Can someone tell me what is up with the Current Designs factory blemished boats being sold at some kayak shops? To tell ya the truth, it seems easier to find online listings for the blemished boats than new stock on non-blem SD kayaks.

Some places appear to be trying to sell boats from 2010 that have not been sold before??? Some appear to be asking near new prices for these 2010 and blem boats.

Any thoughts or experiences with these Current Designs offerings?

Value of new prior year models
A new kayak from a prior model year is still new. Kayaks don’t change that much from year to year, and they don’t deteriorate on the shelf (assuming they’ve been stored inside and protected). The only issue I would have is if a retailer re-priced an older model to current year prices.

But if it’s an older model, chances are it’ll be discounted any, to move the inventory.

I have had a couple CD boats
Based on my experience and talking to other CD owners I’d only buy a very use boat at very low prices and plan to work out any problems on my own. Or I’d buy a new boat from a very local dealer with a reputation for customer service.

I love their designs, but I have had problems getting any response directly from CD. I met a man who is still mad about how they treated him when his boat split along the seam. I also know others who love and surf them regularly with no troubles.

My feeling is that the blemished boats could have other much worse defects that you cannot see.

Your last line is the critical part
Most people don’t care much about blems and would buy one if it were discounted adequately. Actual defects are another story.