current designs gulf stream

thinking of buying the gulfstream…am 5 ft 9 in about 200 lbs…plan on doing trips from 3 -10 days …would this be a good boat in terms of holding gear/clothes/food etc or is it to small if not a good choice .what would be the other options by current designs …thanks stan

It’s a good boat.

Sirocco - Gulfstream
I have the poly version of the Gulfstream called Sirocco. I am about your size and the boat is a very good fit. I think it would have a good amount of room for tripping though not the biggest there is.

Definitely give it several paddles to see how you like the handling. I really like mine.

A WI paddler used a Gulfstream to travel the whole Mississippi River. I think he has a packing list in his book. Here is a link for the book…

yes, it would be a good boat
for holding gear (I’m 6’00", 230 lbs. and still have plenty of boyancy), but no, it’s not a slim, trim, streamlined, fast boat. Because of its shape you’ll travel a bit slower than you might in another boat.

depends on how much gear you need
I’m your height and about 10-12 pounds lighter and if I was planning 10 day trips, the Gulfstream would be one of my top choices (especially if you have to haul drinking water). If you tend to be minimalist & pack light, you may wish to try the new CD Oracle GTS, which is $900 cheaper than the FG Gulfstream. The Gulfstream is easier to turn but the Oracle is a faster boat.