Current Designs Kestrel 14'

Has anyone paddled/reviewed this boat?

I demo’d one…
Sort of a rec boat with sea kayak features, bulkheads, deck rigging, nice hatches… very nice for what it is… GH

It’s on my short list
for my next yak. I haven’t demoed one yet but I’ve fallen in love with the looks of it. My dealer knows my level which is novice and a half and thinks it would fit nicely for me. I want to use it on lakes, rivers, and Lake Michigan on non-turbulent days. I probably won’t get to demo it until spring.

Price tag?
Anybody know how much?

Have heard it is slooooow
The guy who told me this said the shorter (and very light) Epic rec kayak blows its doors off. I’ve never tried either one myself.

Nice to give an opinion if you don’t know yourself

That’s why I spelled it out twice
Once in the title and once in the message itself. Just because it’s not my opinion doesn’t mean it means nothing.

Have a nicer rest of the day!