current designs kestrel 140 SOT

i’m thinking of trying to pick this boat up used to use a loaner for friends and family when they visit, and i may also want to use it for some solo paddles out of my local harbor.

does anyone have something to share pro or con? any comparisons to the futura sport?



who just fell in love with white water rafting paddling through the grand canyon:)

Hi there, Pam
I don’t own one and I’m not a SOT fan but I have paddled one several times. This is my favorite SOT and the one I would have if I had to have one.

This is a quick little boat and smooth riding. It responds to a lean and feels more like a SINK than any other SOT I have paddled. It is basically the Kestrel hull which is a great rec boat. It will feel more tippy than your normal SOT but not that bad. I have paddled alongside them several times both loaded and empty and they keep up fine at a normal pace. They are VERY light and easy to carry. I have not paddled a Futura.

All I know… GH

thanks GH:)
i was hoping for an answer like that!

What GH said
My wife has one, and as far as rec boats go it’s outstanding. My wife has no problem keeping up with touring kayaks. Actually it’s pretty funny, she can drop 90 percent of the people she tours with. WE live in s. Florida and I can’t talk her into a sea kayak.

Try before you buy
I sat in one and it was very uncomfortable for me. So uncomfortable I did not paddle it but everyone is different.

Kestral SOT
Hi Pam

This boat was at the top of my list when I was looking for a SOT. However, I couldn’t locate one in my area even after contacting the Current Design folks. So- I bought my 2nd choice, the Hurricane Phoenix 130 SOT instead. I like the Phoenix so far. It is heavier (46 pounds) and wider (28 inches)than the Kestral SOT, but it is adequate for what I enjoy most about paddling- wildlife exploration and relaxation.

If you do indeed buy a Kestral SOT, I would very much like to hear how you like it. I might put it back on my list for next time around. :slight_smile:


obviously, i will try
before buying:) however, i’m mostly hoping to use it as a loaner for shorter, easier paddles when friends and family come to visit, since i can’t loan others my avocet because it’s custom fitted, and the ski isn’t a good loaner for less experienced paddlers…

thanks trish.
will do, if i paddle one.

personally, except for fitness paddlers and racers, i think much of the hoopla attributed to boat speed among recreational paddlers, has more to do with the paddler than the boat:)

If its not a primary boat,
it might make sense to go with a plastic boat, to save some green. and, plastics tougher, too.

Just curious
Have you considered the Epic GP Sport or Bic Scapa? These 2 and the Kestrel are the 3 SOT I find interesting, but I haven’t tried any - still on the to-do list.

the epic is interesting
but a tad short. i’m not familar with the bic scapa. i’ll have to look into it.

i want the option of using it for solo
paddles out of my local harbor and i will not buy another boat in the 50# plus range:)

i have a lead on a used one and that’s why i decided to ask around and see what people paddling them, think of them.

I’ve paddl the Bic Scapa
and the RTM Disco and the Disco is a way better boat. In fact I ended up buying one :-).


The epic gps sit on top is a fun little kayak . Having picked one up

a year or so ago and using it a few times last year , I can say its very

light , pretty fast and supports over two hundred pounds . It is not

the kind of kayak I would use in waves and wind , but someone

lighter than me probably could . I didn’t kayak this year , the first time

I haven’t since around 1990 but look forward to next year . John