Current Designs kevlar and fiberglass??

We picked up a 1998/99 Current Designs Slipstream. The seller didn’t know if it’s kevlar or FB. I’m guessing that it’s FB, but how can I tell for sure?

If the layup is yellow on the inside of the cockpit and hatches, it’s Kevlar. If it’s white, it’s Glass. Very easy to tell.

It’s white.

Wayne, you’d be fooled by some
boats. My Millbrook c-1 is creamy white inside, not yellow. But it’s “Kevlar” inside. Aramid fabrics vary quite a bit in yellowness.

Call and ask?
If you call CD with the boat serial number they should be able to look it up for you.

"Kevlar boats"
Chances are that if the older CD are kevlar it’s a combination of both FG and kevlar. The kevlar will be a weave and golden in color.