Current Designs Krestral 140 SOT

Thanks for the heads up, Greyhawk!

He let me know they showed up on the east coast, so I contacted the dealer here, who said that they had a couple and sold them already. They are expecting another shipment in September. I got my name on a list to be contacted.

I was hot for this boat back in spring, but not as hot now with fall coming. I paddle year round, but in fall and winter I am back to the coast, and that requires a different kind of boat.

Paddled One Today
We got our second one in a few days ago (the first one sold in three days). I had the opportunity to paddle it for a couple of hours this morning…HOT BOAT!!! It is a very quick boat. The deep seat allows for fairly aggressive leans.

I ordered one
in April out here in So. Cal and am still waiting for it. I wonder why they are showing up in other parts of the country. Hopefully, my boat will be included in next shipment. Good thing you can paddle year round out here!

Oh no! Topher has me thinking I need
to find one of these.Do you think it is faster than a Tarpon 160?

Probably Not As Fast, But Much Lighter!
It is probably not as fast at top end as a Tarpon 160, but it is about 30 pounds lighter. That should make it quicker to accelerate, and a lot easier to rack!

I would really like 30 lbs less.

Specs Claim 36#
It is a fiberglass/Kevlar/Carbon Fiber composite. I can’t vouch for the weight, since I haven’t seen one yet.

I can’t get Kathy out of that damn Pungo, and I don’t need a fast boat to follow it around the lake…

Its Light!
I’ve picked one up and it felt like it weighed the listed 36 lbs. It is also pretty fast for a SOT.

It’s fast…

Especially in a little wind and chop.

In the last Bacall six mile race, a 70 Y.O. paddler in a 140 (same hull) beat every normal (23+” beam) SOT. Although he was using a wing paddle.

Talked to my local outfitter.
He says it is a very fast hull and the price is $2K . I’m looking over the inventory now to see what I can do without.

Great boat
I have the sit in 140 and it’s an outstanding boat. The SOT could be the perfect Florida boat.

$1495.99 Price
I can’t understand why they are letting them go so cheap but I’m pretty sure the MSRP is just under $1500.

I have has always had certain apreciation for rec style sit on tops, but this is the first one I’ve seriously considered adding to my personal fleet.